Love Your Heart. It Will Serve You Well If You Do!

There are little tiny organelles in our body that accounts for the majority of our cellular energy.It’s one of the first things we learn about in life science early in primary school, but along the way these tiny powerhouses get almost forgotten.

New research is showing that, (surprise!!) these little generators are far more important than we ever dreamed, not only for keeping cells energized and running smoothly, but also for keeping our whole bodies feeling revitalized and full of youth and vigor.

What are these tiny little guys and why are they so vitally important?
They’re called mitochondria, and though you’ve probably learnt of them before I bet you don’t know just how important they are to our bodies as we age.

So think of these mitochondria as “the little engines that could.” Every cell in our body has not one, or two or even a dozen… Consider this, each and every cell in our body has THOUSANDS of these mitochondria milling about and helping maintain cellular energy levels and giving us power.

They might even be “superhuman.”

Whichever way you look at it, our heart is the core (the heart!) of our being. We exist BECAUSE of our heart. No organ is more important—no, not even the brain. There are many documented cases of patients with minimal brain function who enjoy life to the full, loving, talking, eating and moving around, as if nothing was wrong. That’s another (fascinating) story.

But you won’t last more than a few moments without your heart! If it can’t be kick-started back into life really QUICK, you’re technically dead! You’re with the dodo!

The presence or absence of a pulse was one of the signs that humans learned to use thousands of years ago, in order to differentiate between life and death.

Despite all the amazing cases of people who have been pronounced technically “dead” and then made a reasonable recovery, there is one factor which remains INCONTESTABLE: the heart got started again!

But it’s more than just a mechanical pump (it may not “pump” the volume that doctors and scientists believe it does, but THAT’S also another story, even more fascinating).

Now we know that our hearts are capable of thinking and feeling. It’s exactly the same as the (not-so) ignorant peoples used to believe. The heart is the center of our soul. Patients in recipient of a donated heart are found to have all kinds of strange emotions, memories and experiences of self that defy any other explanation than that they came along with the heart…

One donor patient receiving a youthful heart inherited such exact memory, that the murderer of the kid was described completely from “memory”, identified and arrested.

Yes the heart too is a “brain”. All the more reason we should love and reverence our heart!

So why screw around, slob out, feed it garbage and give your heart a bad time? Yet lots of people do! Of course in the end, it quits on the job. That’s called a “heart attack” and such an event is often the end of the line for that person.

You’re smart (I hope) and won’t go that route.

If you want to cherish your heart, you’ll eat well, exercise regularly (but not excessively) and maintain a sunny disposition. Love helps; in a very famous study carried out in Israel, men who said their wife would kiss them goodbye to work and say, “I love you”, lived longer and had far fewer heart attacks!

So love your heart a bit. It makes sense! Not for nothing is the heart the symbol of L-O-V-E!

What Does It Want?

Food and care, like we all want! Fortunately, the heart does not need rest and sleep. In fact it never stops! Whoopee to that. At 80 beats per minute (BPM), our heart will beat about 100,000 times in one day and about 35 million times in a year. During an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times!

Among other mammals, the number of heartbeats over the lifespan of different species is fairly constant. So hamsters’ hearts beat 400 times a minute and they live for three to four years, which is 750 to 840 million beats, and an elephant manages 35 bpm for 35 years, or about 640 million beats total.

So humans get a far higher quota, on average, than most other animals!

Heart muscle can only repair itself very slowly, so eventually every heart will wear out but not after a specific number of beats.

However there are certain key nutrients that help the heart keep going. Chief amongst all these is coenzyme Q10. CoQ10’s most prominent role is to facilitate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria. It is primary in powering the body’s energy-producing ATP cycle, which is necessary for the health of virtually all human tissues and organ systems. CoQ10 is known to improve energy and enhance the immune system. Being fat-soluble, CoQ10 is better absorbed if taken with a meal that has oil or fat in it.

In addition to its critical role as a component of the ATP process, CoQ10 is also a potent antioxidant. It has been shown to inhibit the peroxidation of cell membrane lipids, which is very damaging. CoQ10 can defuse free radicals and may reduce, or even help prevent, some of the damage they cause. But CoQ10 also reduces the oxidation of circulating blood fats (HDL, LDL, etc.)

That is VERY heart protective. We don’t worry so much about “absolute” cholesterol (at least I don’t) but we worry a LOT about oxidized blood fats, including cholesterol and especially triglycerides. Oxidized fat basically means rancid and we all know what that means!

In 2013 a dog died and other animals were sick, eating rancid fats which had washed up on a beach in the UK. It was believed to have been vegetable oil. (BBC website, 19 November 2013)

Technical note: rancidity is caused by oxygen breaking double bonds. It smells bad…

You definitely don’t want THAT going on in your body. CoQ10 will block rancidification.

So we want LOTS of CoQ10, right? Dead right. Now here’s a curious thing: statins hailed as the wonder drug family, one of the biggest selling pharma lines of all time, ACTUALLY DEPLETES CoQ10! Unbelievable but true.

How can statins then possibly help the heart? They don’t.

In fact statins do nothing of value. They don’t save lives or prolong lives. They just lower cholesterol. But only a fool wants lower cholesterol! We need cholesterol. All this blew up as nonsense some years ago; but the gravy train is kept going by tinkering with so-called “good” and “bad cholesterol”.

There are the denialists, who believe statins are God’s gift to Man. And there are realists, who think it’s all kept afloat with fake science and propaganda. It’s not my purpose to enter that debate here.

What’s incontestable are two facts:

  1. Statins lower Co10 levels.

  2. CoQ10 is vital for a healthy heart.

One works against the other. It’s irrelevant whether statins genuinely lower cholesterol or not. What science reveals is shocking, which is that if you are over 60 years old, higher cholesterol is better. Those with the highest cholesterol levels lived longer on average.

So back to loving your heart which means let’s get some CoQ10 going; that will help your mitochondria, which supply ALL of the energy the heart and other cells need.

Taking a drug to “lower cholesterol” which then impairs your heart’s ability to benefit from CoQ10 is basically a sort of madness (madness, of course, supported by the usual fake Big Pharma science, so your doctor—poor idiot—believes it).

But We Can Do Better

5-Hydroxytryptophan (also known as oxitriptan) is a naturally occurring amino acid and chemical precursor in the biosynthesis of the “happy” neurotransmitter serotonin. It is manufactured from the seeds of an African plant, Griffonia simplicifolia.

We can supplement CoQ10 without impairing the effect of statins; so that’s good.

I’ve added a proprietary lipid formula. Lipids are “fats” but this has nothing much to do with animal fats, coconut oil, or anything else similar. Phospholipids (fats with phosphorous) are among the most precious substances in our make-up. They form cell membranes. Because they are double-ended, with a water soluble end and a fat-soluble (but non-water-soluble end), they actually work as transport tubes across living membranes around cells, mitochondria, etc.

The phospholipid bi-layer readily allows essential molecules such as water, oxygen and carbon dioxide to cross the membrane, but very large molecules cannot enter the cell in this way or may not be able to at all. With this combination of phospholipids and proteins, the cell is said to be selectively permeable, allowing only certain substances in freely and others via more complex interactions.

All good stuff.

But lipids are usually forgotten by formulators. So I wanted to have some in there too, in fact patented NT Factor Lipids®, (US patent #8,877,239).

Proprietary NTFactor® and NT Factor Lipids® go beyond mere antioxidant effects. They repair damaged cell membranes and protect the mitochondria from future harm. By restoring the health of your cell membranes, it gets your body to produce its own energy and immune support naturally, without using foreign stimulants, such as caffeine, herbs, or sugars.

Dr. Keith’ Own Sleep Defender

My HEART DEFENDER: NTFactor® with CoQ10, is a chewable, pleasant chocolate wafer that helps restore your energy and reduce fatigue, while providing the additional benefit of antioxidant supplementation in one tasty wafer.

Research proves that NT Factor Lipids® repair and restore the body’s cells to a state more resembling a younger person’s. Add to that the energy producing antioxidant CoQ10 and that equals energy—natural energy!

Let’s face it, there is no point in living long if you are sick or feeble. We want LIFE! We want zest and vitality.

So get yourself started on a course of my HEART DEFENDER and make sure the most vital part of you doesn’t just check out when the going gets good! Your heart is your ticket to the future!

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