You have the power to turn Good genes “ON”
and turn Bad genes “OFF”


There are several models of aging, but degradation of our DNA is probably the most persuasive. It means loss of biological or life data: “epigenetic noise”, as David Sinclair puts it. He likens this noise to a scratched DVD. We need something to polish the DVD and get rid of the scratches. This will bring back the full message of a healthy human being!

Anything which stops DNA decay is a good thing. But something to REPAIR our damaged DNA and recover the lost message? That unlocks a longevity paradigm shift of epic proportions.

Once in a while something comes along which defies belief. I had a lot of trouble accepting what an amazing range of benefits this particular extract has. It was only when I read the science and learned from an Australian doctor who’s got 3,000 patients taking it that I was finally convinced.

OK, this is not one of those tiresome “teaser” pages… you are asking: what is it? I’ll tell you.


The first big breakthrough was the discovery of sirtuins and their role in health and aging.

This led to the excitement about resveratrol and suddenly, everyone was interested in red wine because it’s rich in resveratrol! Now you'll get the joke!

The first big breakthrough was the discovery of sirtuins and their role in health and aging.

This led to the excitement about resveratrol and suddenly, everyone was interested in red wine because it’s rich in resveratrol! Now you get the joke!

Sirtuins, aka the “guardian of genes,” play a vital role in maintaining cellular health and facilitate repair.

NAD+ acts as fuel for sirtuins. Without sufficient NAD+, the sirtuins don’t work their miracle of anti-aging; they can’t silence bad genes and can’t extend lifespan.

Yes, sirtuins are miracle life extenders… but NAD+ is what fuels them. The key takeaway is:

- The activation of sirtuins requires NAD+.

- Our bodies naturally produce NAD+ from smaller components, or precursors.

Are there ways to boost NAD+?


One of the most efficient ways is called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

NMN is one of the final steps of NAD+ synthesis.

A study using mice found that blood plasma NMN levels increase substantially with oral NMN administration of 300 mg/kg. And Following NMN administration, NAD+ levels rose significantly within 30 minutes.

Scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found a specific transporter for NMN in the gut of mice called Slc12a8. A transporter is a protein which allows the smooth passage of a molecule across a cellular barrier, such as a cell membrane.

Genomics data indicates that a gene encoding this transporter also exists in humans.

The question is whether the transporter gets expressed in humans similar to mice. And according to a genomics database, which examines entire gene sets of humans, SLC12A8 is expressed in humans

…with highest levels in small intestine, stomach, testis, thyroid, and colon.

This points toward it being very likely that a NMN-specific transporter is expressed similarly in the gut of humans.

And there is NO evidence thus far, suggesting safety concerns for humans. None were ever observed in animal studies. Additionally, a study of men in Japan finds no safety concerns following an oral administration of NMN at doses of up to 500 mg. Scientists in this study found no changes in heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, or body temperature.

As the authors of the study state, “The single oral administration of NMN was safe and effectively metabolized in healthy men without causing any significant deleterious effects.”

This is without a doubt a massive turning point in our quest to preserve health and maintain the vigor needed to enjoy it!

NMN is a “vitality molecule” the body uses to:
Create NAD+, Repair damage & Extend longevity.

NMN isn’t a regulated substance (yet). It’s available as a supplement.

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