COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, is stirring in every corner of the globe, both physically and in the media. This has resulted in the exorbitant shortages of hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray... and even toilet paper. Preparedness, however, is prudent in these circumstances...we can all agree on that!

We also have something that is worth hoarding, however! Various studies agree that Vitamin C in large doses is shown to decrease sick-time and is even shown to prevent illness.

Taking a hefty dose daily of Dr. Keith's Own® Super C can help in prevention, and just might keep you out of the doctor's office this impending flu season! (But can also help if you are sick!):

  • High Dose of Vitamin C boosts immune response to boost your body's defense!

  • Super C's unique formulation will aid in bodily absorbing, which means you will be able to take in high amounts of Vitamin C without the tummy-ache


Original Quinton

Quinton Marine Plasma is about one of the most nurturing and healing fluids on God's Earth. It's derived from seawater!

You can get it in two basic forms: the isotonic, which means same strength as body fluids (just like primordial oceans) and hypertonic (the strength of today’s oceans).

For what the average person needs, hypertonic is good and a great re-mineralizer. Athletes do well on this one.

A sick and debilitated person is better suited to the isotonic formula.


Another haul-worthy item that will keep your health at peak levels, is an unlimited source of fresh, purified water!

But, we are not suggesting bottled water, either.
The cost and environmental impact of buying bottled water is unnecessary, and glass water bottles aren't that sustainable either.

The solution is the AquaTru Water Filtration System that obliterates toxins present in your tap water! This system is a lifelong, counter-top companion that will make the need for bottled water obsolete, as it acts like your own personal purified water facility!

Last week, Dr. Keith went live with Water Scientist, Robert Slovak on a webinar discussing the importance of clean drinking water, and how easy it is to obtain. Find out more about this wonderful water filtration system and more below!


According to Dr. Zhong, hydrogen inhalation was making his patients breathe much more easily, even those hospitalized on a respirator. You won’t be able to do that at home. But you can do this… Get yourself a few bottles of H2 Molecular Hydrogen here. It’s a fantastic anti-oxidant too and that lowers the infective “cytokine