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Quinton Marine Plasma is about one of the most nurturing and healing fluids on God's Earth.
It's derived from seawater!

Well, not just any old sea water. It’s special vortex water from certain blooms in the oceans, that are very rich in nutrients. It seems to have energetic properties too, above and beyond the mere presence of rare minerals etc.

Our tissue fluids are basically primordial ocean. In fact it’s known that our body chemicals today mimic the oceans of long ago, not the ocean of the present, which is subtly different.

Not surprisingly, having stepped onto land, our bodies suffer a degree of depletion which sea creatures do not get. Inorganic minerals are not the same as those in active colloidal suspension. Moreover there is some subtle integrative energy in the waters and ocean, which we do not seem to share on land. That’s probably one of the reasons why seafood is so good for us.

Let me back up a tad, for some basic science. The floor of our oceans is indescribably rich in minerals. Think about this: EVERYTHING that ever lived and died goes into the water system, down the rivers and ultimately finds it way to the ocean. Added to that is all the ocean life which lives, dies and is recycled, all the plankton, corals, fish, feces, EVERYTHING, which falls to the ocean floor as organic debris.

There is thick mud at the bottom of the ocean that contains dense nutrients and some minerals that are otherwise incredibly rare, like iridium, osmium, yttrium and so on.

But it doesn’t just stay on the ocean bed, lost to the biosystem. Quite the contrary. This nourishing mud is carried around the ocean floor by submarine currents which have only recently begun to be understood.

There are certain places where this nutrient deposit wells up to the surface. Giant surges of ocean currents that we call convergences stir up the seas and bring the nutrients back to the bio system.

The polar oceans are classic sites for this. The huge bloom of algae that takes place in the Arctic and Antarctic every year yields a staggering abundance of life where the ocean, literally, changes color due to the density of life it carries. Waters turn red with krill and other plankton.

Quinton Marine Plasma
is Not Plankton or Krill

It’s what FEEDS plankton and krill! That, in turn, feeds other ocean denizens.

This bloom is so rich it feeds the greatest animals of all: the whales. So much nutrition is absorbed into the biosystem at these sites in the summer time, that whales can double their weight and deposit enough fat or blubber to live on it through the winter months.

But there are the birds, fishes and other animals too, so that the polar oceans literally burst with life every spring when the returning sun ignites the nutrition chain. Given the right wind and currents, then these blooms can be carried far and wide.

Scientists reported in 2009 there had been a huge upsurge in nutrients and an explosion of sea life off Monterrey, California, from currents brought all the way down from the Arctic.

The polar regions are not the only upsurges, however. In fact they can take place anywhere, if the wind blows the water out to sea; then underwater currents draw up deeper water to fill the gap.

Here’s a satellite picture of upwellings off the world’s continents:
That’s what I mean by ocean nutrients, OK?

Enter Monsieur René Quinton

René Quinton


Quinton was a French doctor, biologist, biochemist and physiologist. He discovered the healing merits of marine plankton plasma, drawn from deep ocean water upsurges, right at the end of the nineteenth century.

It is a little known fact that by 1907 Quinton had established 69 “Marine Dispensaries” and the product was already saving countless lives throughout the deadly pandemics of the early 20th century (tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera, syphilis, influenza).

When Rene Quinton was finally buried in 1925, his fame had reached such proportions that tens of thousands of men, women and children, not to mention generals, dignitaries and statesmen, attended the funeral. The Prime Minister of France read his funeral oration! Yet we have never heard of him. How can that be?

Think “Big Pharma bullies” and think “eliminating the competition, no matter how good the product.”

The stark truth is even I had never once heard of this cure, all through my medical training. No libraries have editions of his work; no pharmacy has heard of it; no learning institutions teach it. He’s been deleted! Especially in his native France.

Quinton’s marine plasma (or QMP) was considered so effective for a wide range of common afflictions that is was reimbursed under two French laws, including Social Security. It was, of course, absurdly cheap. But that didn’t suit the drug barons, who wanted to peddle their costly and dangerous garbage for huge profits. Through their bribes and malign abuse they got a law passed, requiring QMP to be heat treated. That would effectively ruin its properties and so put Quinton out of business.

However, Quinton manufacture did not fold up. Instead, the operation was moved to Spain. Thanks to the more liberal scientific climate in Spain it has survived until today, still a family business but fast expanding.

Properties of quinton marine plasma

As I write this I have in front of me a translation of the entry for Quinton Marine Plasma in the French Medical Dictionary of 1975 (a kind of PDR). It describes the product as a sterile apyrogenic solution (pH 7.2) of seawater, prepared under aseptic conditions by special processes without rise in temperature or exposure to electric potential or field, in order to preserve its molecular balance and its character as an “alive medium”.

The seawater is extracted from a 10-30 metres depth (zone of solar penetration) under special conditions and from special locations.

It contains 92 elements of the periodic table (all primary and trace minerals). The entry goes on to add “Rene Quinton showed, in 1904, that QUINTON MARINE PLASMA is identical physically, chemically, and physiologically, to our interior milieu (extracellular fluid) and provides optimum conditions for red blood corpuscles and leucocytes and other blood fractions. It is possible to replace the entire blood volume of an animal with QUINTON MARINE PLASMA without the creature dying. That’s remarkable!

Without any intellectual prowess, one can therefore deduce that QMP is very safe, helps stabilize the internal milieu, provides every conceivable nutrient mineral and provides low concentration homeopathic-type mechanisms for healing. It’s a miracle!

Well, it isn’t really; it’s just Nature at her best. But you can see why Rene Quinton was adored by millions and hated by Big Pharma. Here is a substance that’s cheap to manufacture, no patents, is readily available and works wonders.

The “indications” (reasons to use it) are manifold and include: childhood gastroenteritis, poisoning, malnutrition and eczema; anemia, asthma, exhaustion, anti-aging, dysentery, tuberculosis and atherosclerosis; uterine and vaginal infections; rhinitis, sinusitis, respiratory allergies; skin allergies, dermal infections, histaminic reactions and psoriasis; energy restoration; bio-terrain restoration and burns.

I have even found that dentists can use it to save teeth, by injecting this healing balm into the surrounding gums. There are DOZENS more uses.

How To Take Quinton:

Quinton can be taken orally. Sprays work well for skin conditions, eyes and nasal passages. It can even be taken by nebulizer, just breathed in. Or I find it very soothing for tired eyes. Just the whiff of “sea air” is very restorative to me!

For our QuintEssential 9.0 (Isotonic) drink 1-3 sachets daily on an empty stomach or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

For QuintEssential 3.3 (Hypertonic) take as a dietary supplement, take 1 sachet (10mL) a day. Additional sachets, up to a total of 3 per day, may be consumed in divided doses prior to meals and strenuous physical and mental activity.

Properties of quinton marine plasma

It’s so safe there are no real limits on the number of sachets. It’s only body fluid, after all! You can’t O.D. on it like water (too much water will kill you).

QuintEssential comes in 10 ml sachets. 9.0 and 3.3 sachets are fine, depending on the seriousness of the complaint. It’s so cheap, cost is not an issue (around $3 a sachet or less).
It’s FDA approved at a food supplement and available OTC in Europe!

I’ve AT LAST persuaded the importers that they should have it available here OTC. Previously, they were insisting on a physician’s script. That’s now no longer true.

Quinton Products

You can get it in two basic forms: the isotonic, which means same strength as body fluids (just like primordial oceans) and hypertonic (the strength of today’s oceans).

For what the average person needs, hypertonic is good and a great re-mineralizer. Athletes do well on this one.

A sick and debilitated person is better suited to the isotonic formula.

Why am I so certain that an information signal is responsible for the powerful benefit of this wonderful substance?

Because if you merely assemble to biochemical ingredients in sea water from the upwelling zones, it doesn’t work! It just does not have the same magical properties.

Is this reasonable? Yes it is. If the ocean has memory (“the memory of water”), then it knows our history. It knows that life came from primordial oceans. In fact animals only moved onto land when they solved the problem of taking the ocean with them, carried inside our cells and extra-cellular fluids!


Sold out
1 BOX (30 sachets)
Sold out
1 BOX (30 sachets)

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