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Chelated silver utilizes chemistry to provide a powerful, antibiotic solution that amplifies our body’s own defenses.

How Does Silver Help My Body?

Silver Excelsior has antibacterial properties. And that has to do with the manner in how it works in our system. By hindering cellular respiration, Silver Excelsior kills harmful bacteria, while not affecting helpful bacteria.

But, how would it tell the

difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria?

Silver Oxide alters the chemistry in our systems to ward off conditions that allow for bad bacteria specifically to thrive, almost parallel to our bodies themselves in the manner of maintaining proper bacterial balance.

Also, this means silver cannot become bacterially resistant, and according to Professor David Avnir of the Institute of Chemistry, “Silver isn’t vulnerable to the same pitfalls as antibiotics. Silver chemically disrupts pathogenic bacteria’s ability to produce cells, but remains impervious to resistance.”


Chelated vs. Colloidal

Silver solutions populate the marketplace today, however, there is a stark difference between certain formulations, or rather, solutions of silver oxide.

Colloidal silver is the most popular and has been prevalent as a natural health answer since it can be traced, over 2000 years ago by ancient Greeks and Romans. There must be validity due to its longevity, right?

Consider Chelated silver, which aims to do everything colloidal silver can, and offers a far better range of bioavailability in response, which means more potency where it matters most.


Silver Excelsior bonds with chelators, which are amino acids currently present in our system, to provide silver oxide and all of its benefits, right to the source.


This Chelated Silver bonds with living tissues in our systems, as opposed to the way colloidal silver is absorbed more throughout our bodies, and is a faster and better way for our bodies to intake silver oxide.


Silver Excelsior

It may help alleviate fungal infections, viral and bacterial infections, athlete’s foot, soothes sunburns, bug bites, and even cuts, sores & boils.

Silver has antimicrobial and antibiotic defenses and is even used in airline filtration systems against airborne ‘bugs.’

Respiratory health is balanced and Silver may help clear sinus blockages and acute upper respiratory ailments.

One dropper-full of Silver Excelsior contains enough to create 8 ounces of 100ppm (parts per million) silver oxide solution, so keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

Mix with water or any water-based drink to create a powerful immune-boosting drink. A little goes a long way!

This highly effective and potent solution aims to deliver the benefits of silver oxide as bioavailable immunity support, as well as decreasing cost to reap the immense benefits of this powerful compound.



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