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D3K2 Wafers

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Get the Vitamin D3 and K2 You Need With D3K2 Wafers

NTFactor® with D3 and K2 is a chewable, pleasant vanilla wafer that strives to help restore your energy, reduce fatigue, and provide the additional benefits of vitamin D3 and K2 supplementation in one tasty wafer. Research proves that NT Factor Lipids® repair and restore the body’s cells to a more youthful state. That equals energy—Natural Energy!

With patented NT Factor Lipids®, (U. S. patent #8,877,239), NT Factor with D3/K2 is the purest form of energy you can get.
The vitamin D3 and K2 in these tasty vanilla wafers attach to the NT Factor Lipids® to get into the body as easily and completely as possible. This allows them to better support your health!

Ditch Caffeine and Get The Natural Energy You Need at the Cellular Level

NT Factor with Vitamin D3 and K2 works on the cellular level, helping your body to produce its own energy, naturally. It doesn’t do it by using foreign stimulants, such as caffeine, herbs, or sugars. Instead, it uses only pure NTFactor Lipids’® energy building power. Based on the research, it is effective, and most importantly safe.


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