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NEW: HEART DEFENDER - Love Your Heart. It Will Serve You Well If You Do!


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Please Note: You can purchase one box (containing 12 super-delicious bars) for $25, 3 boxes for $67.96 and 6 boxes for $108.99. Beware: when people taste these, you'll be re-ordering very soon!

Just click on the "Boxes" rectangle above and select the amount you'd like to order.

With a smooth chocolatey, almond, coconut flavor, there is no other great tasting bar that delivers the number of health benefits as Drs Gr8 Nutrition Bar!
Extremely healthy with high-grade plant-based protein, lots of fiber and a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, you can start your healthy eating plan right with a case of Drs Gr8 Nutrition Bars.
Get more protein, boost your immune system, control your hunger, and manage your weight with Drs Gr8 Bar.

The Only Nutrition Bar with Major Proven Health Benefits

Drs Gr8 Nutrition Bar is the only nutrition bar on the market today that is backed by research and validated clinical benefits.

  • 1. Sparks energy
  • 2. Advances mental clarity and focus
  • 3. Helps curb appetite for weight control
  • 4. Improves digestion
  • 5. Reduces inflammation
  • 6. Diminishes fatigue
  • 7. Supports heart health
  • 8. Restore cell membranes

Above The Rest… Bar None!

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