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Liposomal Glutathione

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Shield + Detoxify

Glutathione helps safeguard our cells from the negative effects of toxins helping to neutralize and remove toxins from the body. It can also support a balanced immune system.

Healthy Aging

Factors responsible for cellular regeneration depend on high levels of reduced glutathione, yet this antioxidant is easily depleted by toxin exposure, inflammatory imbalances, and poor nutrition. Thus supplementation is often required to maintain healthy levels.

Unsurpassed Absorption

Most glutathione products break down in the stomach and absorb poorly. Our exclusive delivery system bypasses GI barriers and floods the body with bioavailable glutathione.


How To Use

Take 2 pumps by mouth twice daily.
Hold in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing.
Repeat to desired dosage or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Take on an empty stomach, at least 10 minutes before meals.
Use within 30 days of opening.
If pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant, consult your physician before use. 

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