Is This One of the Greatest Cardio & Metabolic Nutraceuticals Ever?

"As Soon As I Learned What It Could Do, I Started Taking It Myself And Won't Stop!"

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, HMD, PhD

speaks from the heart!

Once in a while something comes along which defies belief. I had a lot of trouble accepting what an amazing range of benefits this particular extract has. It was only when I read the science and learned from an Australian doctor who’s got 3,000 patients taking it that I was finally convinced.


OK, this is not one of those tiresome “teaser” pages… you are asking: what is it? I’ll tell you.


It’s an extract of an unusual citrus fruit, a kind of orange, called bergamot (Citrus bergamia). It’s a very neat little cardio defender, liver protector, glucose control manager, blood fat helper and general all-round good guy that revitalizes lost years.

You know, I used to love Earl Grey tea, which is flavored with oil of bergamot, named after Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1830s. One of the highlights of my week was to go and “take tea” at Fortnum and Masons, in London. Shades of the Empire days!

I’ve had to give it up because I have become intolerant of black tea. But I still like to sniff the caddy from time to time!


Some of you know I’ve always joked that it’s the champagne that keeps me looking amazingly young (I’m 72 years old next year). But maybe it was all those years of drinking an Earl Grey tea every afternoon! Let me explain…

Powerful Polyphenols

It turns out that bergamot juice (as opposed to the peel used in the tea) contains exceptional amounts of several unique polyphenols. Well, we all know how healthful those are.

I've found a marvelous source of the very BEST bergamot extract you can buy and have decided to offer it to you, through my Dr. Keith's Own® line. It's a simple 2-a-day tablet, EXACTLY the way I take it myself.

Bergamot promotes healthy LDL cholesterol almost as effectively as the ridiculously-overprescribed statins do. But it also supports the raising of HDL (good cholesterol), and statins can’t do that.

In a placebo-controlled clinical trial, researchers in Italy gave patients either 500 mg or 1,000 mg of bergamot extract daily to volunteers with high cholesterol levels.

And sure enough, bergamot helped improve their average LDL, HDL, and triglyceride levels respectively.

Better yet – they saw these results in just 1 months’ time!

Plus statins are very dangerous, whatever they say. And there is no science to show any benefits from statins if you are a woman or have never before had a heart attack (referenced in my eBook The Truth About Statins and Cholesterol).

When just brushing teeth twice a day reduces fatal heart attacks by 40%, who needs statins anyway?

That’s an AMAZING result for any intervention, let alone a nutraceutical; something wildly better than statins and other orthodox medicine junk “solutions”. This is Nature at her best—generous, free and very healing!

We should all take bergamot! (only from Italy; I’ll explain why later…)

Protect Against Liver Damage Today

I mentioned it’s good for the liver. How is that important? You’d be surprised.

Liver damage is one of the most common and most dangerous health conditions out there. It goes hand in hand with overweight and obesity. Forget cirrhosis due to alcohol—that’s about 6% of the deaths.

More than 50% of liver damage leading to cirrhosis comes in the form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The name says it: the liver gets infiltrated with fat, swells, can’t function and pretty soon, you will die.

It’s now so prevalent, I am shocked. In Taiwan (now a “Western” society), 60% of the population over 40 years of age has NAFLD!

In the USA, it’s really bad too: one third of the adult population have it; but that rises to 65% in persons who are obese. The incidence increases as we age, so it’s a big factor to us Boomers. But plenty of kids have it too, which is a horrible trend. [figures from US National Institutes Of Health]

NAFLD has been observed in all ethnic groups with the highest prevalence seen in Hispanics compared with Caucasians and African Americans.

Bergamot supports healthy liver enzymes to protect against liver problems; that’s right, but not just protects against it, it actually helps support a healthy liver. In simple terms, that equates to growing younger.

Why Where The Actual Bio -Active Ingredient Comes From Matters

OK, I want to introduce the exact formulation because here is where it can go wrong. As with all things, there are always hangers on, claiming results based on the science of true products and pretending it applies to their knock-off version.


Bergamot from China is an example. They say they grow it. But it is not even remotely as good as the stuff grown in Calabria in southern Italy (see map).


Plus there are cheaper watered-down versions going to come on the market, I’m sure. Anything under 40% BPF isn't worth buying. You are being ripped off.


There have been attempts to copy this production in other parts of the world but these have failed to provide the quality. Apparently the microclimate, terrain and soil quality in Calabria are unique.


I would love to tell you more but I’m sworn to secrecy about a paper about to be published…

…But I can quote an older study (25 Nov 2015), which found that this type of good quality bergamot extract in a study by Professor Rosano involving 107 patients with metabolic syndrome and NAFLD and who were treated for 120 days with polyphenol-rich 38% citrus bergamot extract (same formula as my original Bergamot Plus). In addition to supporting healthy cholesterol levels, lipid particle characteristics, blood sugar and protecting against substances that promote inflammation, there was a strikingly positive effect on both liver function and structure.

This is something to shout about!

According to Professor Rosano, “Based upon our research, bergamot polyphenol appears to be a clinically useful and effective treatment for patients with fatty liver disease, especially in those with abnormal lipids”. The complete results of this study have been published in a peer reviewed journal and the liver data has been submitted in abstract form to the 2014 annual meeting of the American College of Gastroenterologists.

Dr. Keith's Own® pure Physician's Strength Bergamot is formulated for me by the world's number one bergamot company that makes the best stuff there is. They are right here in Las Vegas, I’ve met with the CEO, and I can vouch for their integrity. I am proud to offer this product.

I can also report they are working tirelessly to improve their product and getting extracts that are purer and purer, which means more effective results, even though it’s already amazing

My developer works closely with two key figures:

Vincezo Mollace (mol-archy), Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Catanzaro, Italy. He’s probably the world’s number one expert on the properties of Bergamot and widely published with more than 100 papers to date and book chapters in the field of cardiovascular pharmacology.

Dr. Ross Walker MB, BS (Hons, FRACP, FCSANZ), cardiologist, who has around 6,000 patients taking the identical formula to mine (Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus). He is the man with the most clinical experience, which is every bit as important as the pharmacological science, of course.

Together they have accumulated thousands of patients and published a wealth of scientific papers (all the good science I already quoted was using the actual formulation used in Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus, not just the extract). No other me-too product can match that important claim.

Support Healthy Cholesterol

Bergamot promotes healthy LDL cholesterol almost as effectively as the ridiculously-overprescribed statins do. But it also supports the raising of HDL (good cholesterol), and statins can’t do that!

Liver Protection

Liver damage is one of the most common and most dangerous health conditions out there. More than 50% of liver damage comes in the form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Bergamot actually helps support a healthy liver.

Free Flowing Blood

Blood vessels are very vulnerable to damage by sneak pathogens, rogue fats and inflammatory cytokines. Bergamot helps control the secretion of substances that promote inflammation throughout the body, so that’s good news for the lining of your arteries.

Metabolic Syndrome: A Silent Killer

Fatty liver is just part of a bigger complex of symptoms called the metabolic syndrome. It consists of overweight, high blood pressure, dangerous blood fats (especially LDL and triglycerides), insulin resistance and a rapid progression to diabetes. In fact it’s been nicknamed “diabesity”. It’s a killer and affects tens of millions in the US alone.

My Bergamot Plus formula, manufactured in the USA, is set to become the first effective treatment (other than diet, drugs and exercise) to control and even help protect against metabolic syndrome.

Some medical doctors consider that the fasting blood insulin level is the number one marker for age of death. That may be a bit extreme (plenty of studies to back it up, mind you) but one thing is for sure: control of your blood glucose is vital to health and longevity.

You don’t want to be like the vast majority, who guzzle sugary drinks, stuff their faces with cookies and dough, and pop candy, then wonder why they have a pot belly or—even worse—diabetes.

If you take in too much sugar, your body secretes a lot of insulin to try and get rid of the glucose which appears in your blood as a result. Unfortunately, the only place for this excess sugar to go is to fat..

But after a while the body starts to ignore the insulin control messages. This is called “insulin-resistance” and it’s dangerous. More insulin is secreted, the body still can’t deal with it, blood glucose soars and… you now have diabetes.


Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus directly intervenes. As well as all the other cool benefits I have outlined, my bergamot extract also activates AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) an enzyme which regulates energy in the cells and is thus involved in glucose and fatty acid metabolism.


Turning on AMPK reduces insulin resistance and thereby promotes the uptake of glucose by the cells. It also suppresses glucose formation in the liver. Both effects result in a dramatic fall in blood glucose.

"Back in 2007 I tipped the scales at 396 lbs (180kg), my health was suffering and I knew things had to change. I changed my lifestyle and started exercising, just walking at first. Over the next 4 years I lost 88lbs (40kg). Last year my doctor suggested I start taking Bergamot Plus, and the results were nothing short of spectacular and in the next 6 months I lost another 88lbs (40kg).

What is even more astounding is how good I feel as a result. I am 40 and feel as fit and energetic as when I was 21. I would thoroughly recommend Bergamot Plus for anyone who is looking to lose weight and improve their health and energy levels. I am living proof."

John Rose
Brisbane, Australia


Dangerous Blood Fats

You’ve probably heard me say (I’ve written it often enough) that cholesterol is NOT a problem. Dangerous statins that wreck your heart muscle by blocking coenzymeQ10 are for nothing, because we don’t want our cholesterol down, we want it UP!


But it has to be the right kind of cholesterol and the pattern of your blood fats has to be correct, otherwise you are at serious risk. Your arteries will become inflamed and cease to perform. Your blood may clot inappropriately. You’ll be on a slippery slope to your first heart attack or stroke (the first could be your last, remember!)

Even just the “good cholesterol” and “bad cholesterol” story is wide off the mark too. It’s a gross and dangerous simplification to suggest that all HDL is good and all LDL is bad; that could get you killed.


The truth is that small-particle LDL is dangerous but the rest of LDL is not bad. Similarly, small particle HDL is pro-inflammatory, even though the rest is “good cholesterol”.

Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus does is to shift the LDL spectrum towards the large, buoyant particles and shift pro-inflammatory HDL into anti-inflammatory HDL (from small to large, in other words). Statins are unable to make either of the hugely beneficial shifts in lipid profile.


These fats are made by the liver, anyway, so it’s no surprise that this super liver-friendly substance improves blood fats, as well as helping the liver.

Good bergamot formulas (speaking specifically of the one I use in Dr. Keith's Own® Bergamot Plus ), should be taken by everyone over the age of 50 years, to help support normal arterial function." - Cardiologist Dr. Ross Walker

Protects Delicate Blood Vessels

Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus does is to shift the LDL spectrum towards the large, buoyant particles and shift pro-inflammatory HDL into anti-inflammatory HDL (from small to large, in other words). Statins are unable to make either of the hugely beneficial shifts in lipid profile.


These fats are made by the liver, anyway, so it’s no surprise that this super liver-friendly substance improves blood fats, as well as helping the liver.

Cardiologist Dr. Ross Walker, with years of clinical experience and over 3,000 patients on the exact formula used in Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus (some now up to 3 years on it) says that:


These fats are made by the liver, anyway, so it’s no surprise that this super liver-friendly substance improves blood fats, as well as helping the liver.

  • All patients with metabolic syndrome
  • Patients on statins who don't want to stop
  • Patients on statins who want to get off them, for whatever reason
  • All patients at risk for vascular disease who have lipid abnormalities

That covers just about everyone in our age group guys! Note that Dr. Walker is one of the few world-class physicians who states plainly that patients should not take statins solely for the purpose of bringing down cholesterol levels. That makes him special.


I go that little bit further and say nobody should take statins, or even contemplate doing so, while there is Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus formula as a healthy and effective natural substitute!

Repair The Damage From Statins

I keep saying you don’t want to take statins. It’s true. These are dangerous drugs. Doctors simply play down the dangers and prescribe them for everyone because that’s the herd mentality in the medical profession that’s sprung up.

But the dangers are very real and include muscle pain and muscle destruction, irreversible neuropathy (widespread malfunction of nerves that may not be reversible), severe heart damage, liver damage and raised blood glucose. The latter two are the very last thing you want to happen.

An article in Pharmacotherapy, December 2003, for example, reported on cognitive impairment associated with Lipitor and Zocor. A study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh showed that patients treated with statins for six months compared poorly with patients on a placebo in solving complex mazes, psychomotor skills and memory tests.

You see, statins impair a major enzyme called HMG-CoA, which is found in the liver and involved in the synthesis of coenzyme Q10.

CoQ10, as it’s known for short, is one of the most vital substances in our bodies, as it supports our bodies as we get older.

Without it the heart weakens and in fact all muscles in the body weaken and sometimes even start to liquefy… (a condition called rhabdomyolysis)… and it can also lead to total kidney shut down.

The FDA now requires manufacturers of statin drugs to warn patients that these medications are linked to muscle weakness, type 2 diabetes, memory impairment, heart failure, fatigue and even death.


I repeat from above: when just brushing teeth twice a day reduces fatal heart attacks by 40%, why would you take dangerous, toxic drugs like statins??

Dr. Ross Walker recommends the exact formula used in Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus.

How Much Do I Take

It is generally agreed and scientific studies are based on this, that you need to take 1,000 – 1,500 mg daily for optimum benefit. Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus formulation contains 675 mg per tablet and you take two per day (1350 mg).

If you are taking statins don’t just stop them without informing your doctor. Get medical cooperation to adjust the dose (let me know if your doctor agrees...good luck with that!)

If you take blood thinners, like Warfarin, there seems to be no conflict.

Note that, although both are citrus fruits, bergamot does not have the problem we get with grapefruit, which is that the latter blocks drug metabolism and breakdown, making it very risky with certain medications. Bergamot doesn’t do that, thank goodness.

The only known side effect is very mild and is just a touch of indigestion.

Naomi Cook says...  


A Significant Bergamot Result Testimonial

I wanted to contact Dr Ross Walker to tell him of the exciting outcome in my daughter’s health, thanks to his research on Bergamot. My little girl was diagnosed with a giant brain tumour three years ago and suffered extreme hypothalamic damage as a result of her surgery, leading to rapid onset weight gain, she became morbidly obese, wheelchair bound within months. Our journey to get help is long and was full of barriers, and for me, as a registered nurse turned "consumer" frustrating as I was blacklisted as being over involved by trying to save my daughter's life! Her blood lipids were sky high as a result of the metabolic dysfunction, at one point her triglycerides reached 6.4! very dangerous.

I was at a house viewing last year and met Ross’s son, David who mentioned that there some herbal treatment that his dad had been advocating and so I began to research it. Well the results on her lipids actually showed up within a week on a blood test and now, about 6 months later she's had the best blood results in 3.5 years, her triglycerides are down to 2.4 and everything else in in RANGE (actually her cholesterol is just below normal range… need to recheck again soon).

These results are INCREDIBLE for someone with intractable hypothalamic obesity and I’ve been trying to get this through to her endocrinologist (unfortunately once you mention the word natural supplement they switch off), I will be contacting a Craniopharyngioma expert in Germany about these results because I’m sure he will want to set up a clinical trial in the HO cohort he has there.

I am over the moon about dear Hana's blood results, this is truly a "miracle" as her high lipids were a time bomb for her as chances at any longevity post brain tumor.

There is still much work to do but thanks to Dr. Ross and his amazing herbal formulation, (as in Dr Keith’s Own Bergamot Plus and Dr. Keith’s Own Physician Strength Bergamot) things are so much brighter than a year ago.”

I've Taken Something Great and Made It Even Better!

Now I have to warn you, sadly, that there is junk being peddled out there, using the kind of science I am quoting you. Even celebrity doctors are selling bergamot far below the quality I would demand: 30% at best (mine is 47% minimum).

Their problem is not that they’re dishonest: they can’t even buy the good stuff!

All of the bergamot science I have shared with you so far has an official BPF rating of at least 38%.

Now I want to introduce you to my latest version of Bergamot BPF Dr. Keith’s Own® Physician Strength Bergamot which has an amazing 47% BPF!

We took something that was already great and made it even better!

But not everyone can buy it. It costs a lot more, so less profit, which is why famous doctors don’t use it and dodgy online stores fake it.

But I happen to have a direct line, through my good friends in Las Vegas.

These are the ONLY people who the Instituto del Bergamotta in Italy will sell to. My friend has cornered the market, at a time when Bergamot extract wasn’t so famous. Now he reaps the rewards. Me too, because I’m a friend of his. And now, importantly, YOURSELVES, because I am releasing it to you!

My Dr. Keith’s Own® Physician Strength Bergamot is the best you can buy anywhere, using bergamot extracts purified in Calabria, under the watchful eye of the Instituto del Bergamotta, which certifies it’s BPF percentage.



It costs a little more. But how much does a heart attack cost, or cirrhosis?

I’ve included some alpha lipoic acid, one of the finest liver friends known! If you ever get poisoned by Deathcap, or a mushroom like it, it’s your liver that is killed. You won’t survive that. So just pray someone gets you onto alpha lipoic acid quick. It’s the only known antidote!

Deathcap mushroom is quickly lethal, unless you take alpha lipoic acid.

We all need to take this stuff. It seems like the ideal way to preserve our hearts, arteries and livers, in a world that is in great toxic overload.

Boners, Stiffies and Fun!


Come on, we’re all grown-ups around here! You can still call them erections, if you prefer. The thing to grasp is that erectile dysfunction may be a very dangerous heart warning. It may mean clogged arteries, which are not so deadly below the belt but could put you in your grave if the arteries of the heart are affected.


Now here’s one of today’s stupidest medical follies—and yes, there are very many, we all know—the idea of replacing a tiny 2-inch piece of coronary artery with a piece of vein from the leg. Common sense will tell you that if the coronary arteries are rotten, ALL arteries are rotten.


To replace a 2-inch piece of rotten pipe and leave the rest of the plumbing in disrepair is something no self-respecting plumber would do. Therefore we may conclude that cardiovascular surgeons are not self-respecting and not even as smart as plumbers. They are just greedy.


Figures also bear out that coronary grafts are a waste of time. There must be something better.


Well there is: you are already reading about it. One of the best proofs that bergamot polyphenols help support artery health is the fact that taking it can help ED.


I’m looking at a paper right now2 which makes the story plain. Again, this is professor Mollace and colleagues in Catanzaro, Italy: “BPF alone or in combination with other medical plants represents a novel natural therapeutic option for counteracting ED in patients with cardiometabolic disorders.”


Even better proof is the glowing enthusiasm that patients have for taking Dr. Keith’s Own® Physician Strength Bergamot. The people who supply me (and hence supply you) also supply the main orthodox doctors and they have “leaked” to Viv and I that this stuff is avidly sought by male patients.


I wouldn’t be without mine!

Get started today, it’s really easy (simpler than juicing the actual Bergamot fruit etc.)



Your heart, liver, and every cell in your body will love you for it.


Yes, I Want Dr. Keith’s Own® Physician Strength Bergamot


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Did you know…people who take supplements spend much less money on hospital bills and other medical expenses?


A recent study has made this abundantly clear. The report estimates that overall medical costs in America alone would drop by nearly $11 BILLION A YEAR just by giving supplements to people at risk of various medical conditions.3


The study, funded by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, concluded that:


If every cardio patient in the U.S. over the age of 55 took omega-3s and vitamins B6, B12 and B9 (folic acid) supplements, the chances of ending up in a hospital were radically reduced and the combined health-cost savings would be more than $1 billion a year.

In this 10 page report, you’ll discover:

  • All patients with metabolic syndrome
  • Patients on statins who don't want to stop
  • Patients on statins who want to get off them, for whatever reason
  • All patients at risk for vascular disease who have lipid abnormalities

Money Back Guarantee

I'm going to take ALL the risk! You are covered by a 60-day money back, no questions-asked guarantee.


For a refund, we will just need you to return your unused portion within 60 days of when you ordered it, for a 100% refund less shipping costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tablets are in one bottle  of Bergamot Plus and Physician Strength Bergamot? 

There are 60 tablets in each bottle.

How much Bergamot Plus or Physician Strength Bergamot do I take daily?

Take 1 tablet twice daily before or after food.

How do I store it?

Store in a cool dry place.

What's the difeerence between Bergamot Plus and Physician Strength Bergamot ?

The difference between Physician Strength formula and Bergamot Plus is the amount of Bergamot. Physicians Strength has 47% and Bergamot Plus has 40%

What if I buy multiple bottles and decide it's not for me?

You are covered by a 60-day money-back, no questions asked guarantee. Simply return your unopened bottles or the unused portion in the original bottle within 60 days of when you ordered it, for a 100% refund less shipping costs.

If I want to check that Bergamot is working optimally for me, what tests will prove that it's working?

Cholesterol Test: LDL, HDL and Triglycerides. Liver Test: Serum AMT and C Reactive Protein


1. Ehrlich MD, James. (2014). BergaMet’s Significant Effect in Fatty Liver Disease Prompts Call for US Research Proposals – Bergamet. [online]
2. PharmaNutrition, Elsevier, online 11 March 2016
3. Shanahan, C., and De Lorimier, R. Smart prevention: Health care cost savings resulting from the targeted use of dietary supplements. Copyright 2013. Funded by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Published by Frost & Sullivan.

The specialists at Royal Melbourne Hospital were astounded and wanted to know what I was doing in addition to taking my normal medication. I made them read about Dr. Ross Walker, whom they never heard of, they said ..."Keep doing what your doing and lets hope the results continue." Well done Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus!!!!


Peter Trojczak


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