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40 Years In The Making

Here’s a note from a dear friend in England. She is heavy on the sarcasm! For those of you who don’t know me yet, I was a leading pioneer back in the early 1980s, showing how foods can make people seriously ill.

Some of the extraordinary cases and moving stories were featured in the press and on TV. My book “Diet Wise” is the culmination of those great years.

I was attacked heavily by colleagues, for the “absurd” notion that foods could cause harm. In fact this very lady was in studio with me one night, live on air, when I was pummeled by “experts”. But the audience voted me winner: there was a thunderous rounds of applause from the studio audience when I trounced my adversaries with argument after argument. Heady days!

Apparently, nearly 4 decades on, orthodox medicine has now started to cotton on to what I was saying! Well, better late than never, I suppose. Here is Susan’s note:


Watched a Channel 4 programme the other day ‘The Food Hospital’.

It was amazing: it explained how if you are poorly you should cut out virtually all foods – go on a liquid diet -then introduce limited foods – then one by one introduce the restricted foods- “to see which ones might trigger flare ups”……………

So its official; the bollocks* they accused you of is now mainstream

Why give yourself all that stress, trials and tribulations, when 40 years later they claim the New Revolution !!

Actually, you had to do it otherwise they would have little to copy!

Aghast xxx

*literally testicles, meaning nonsense

My book DIET WISE is a meaty high-protein distillation of what I learned in those years that can be copied at home. It’s a do-it-yourself miracle diet, that can cure migraines, asthma, arthritis, colitis, eczema, hives, diabetes, depression, fatigue and even (some cases of) schizophrenia; plus hundreds of other vague undiagnosed symptoms you may be suffering from.

If you don’t have this major book, you need to get a copy, to fill in the gaps in your medical knowledge.

You can read more about it, and see some amazing cases, here:

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