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5 Strategies to Cope with Depression

Worldwide, more than 120 million people are suffering from clinical depression. A number that is likely much higher because experts estimate that 80% of those experiencing signs or symptoms of depression are not being treated for their condition.

Big Pharma (and many doctors) don’t want you to know how to cope with depression… they want to medicate you.

The “next big thing” in pharmaceutical drugs is just waiting to be prescribed – and more than likely, it’s going to be an antidepressant.

Clinical depression is a moneymaker for these disreputable companies and while they don’t make cancer-fighting drugs or new antibiotics because they aren’t strong sources of income… new depression meds are released constantly.

These drugs are passed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if they show a slightly better response during drug trials than the placebo!

In the United States alone, antidepressant use has climbed an astonishing 400% in the last decade or so. They are the second most commonly prescribed drugs – right behind cholesterol meds (and you know my feelings on those) but only 20% of those prescriptions are being written by actual psychiatrists!

You read that right.

Most antidepressants are prescribed by people who have no mental health certification, who have not done an emotional or psychiatric evaluation of your case, and who have no idea if you are “having a bad day” or truly clinically depressed.

One prescription, coming up!


If you are in the midst of a major depressive episode, you now have a prescription, and good luck to you.

They will not follow up, they will not bring you in every week or so to evaluate your reactions to these random drugs they’re allowing you to pump through your body, and when they see you again a few months down the line, they won’t even remember prescribing you the drug unless they read it in your chart or you request a refill.

Before you jump into the deep end of antidepressant use – which may be unnecessary for your specific case – consider trying some natural, proven effective, methods of improving your overall mood and quality of life. There are no dangerous side effects to natural methods!

Learning how to cope with depression naturally will affect your entire life because often, that’s what’s broken… our life plan, not our emotions.

5 Effective Strategies to Cope with Depression

1. Establish a Life Plan: This means taking a step back, evaluating where you are right now, and deciding where you’d like to be. It incorporates setting a routine, creating manageable goals, and possibly trying something new. Exciting stuff!

2. Get Your Physical Body Right: When your physical self is healthy, it increases your chances of feeling good mentally and emotionally. If you are surviving on processed foods, getting no nutrition of worth, and carrying around more weight than your heart can handle, there is no doubt that it will affect how you feel in general.

I’ve written hundreds of articles and books about eating right for total body wellness. Food is the fuel on which everything else in your body depends. Don’t shortchange yourself with poor nutrition! Even mild dehydration may affect our moods and ability to concentrate.

3. Move Your Body: Get outside and soak up life-sustaining vitamin D. Breathe deeply of fresh air. Work your arms and legs, get your blood pumping with a short walk. If it’s cold outside, consider doing some simple stretch or beginner yoga exercises in your living room. Take an organic vitamin D supplement. Your body was made to move and when you get in the habit, it will respond with joy.

4. Sleep More: I write about the power of sleep a lot because it is critical to how you feel, how your body heals itself, and for you to live longer and stronger years. Sleep is the cheapest and most beneficial way to rejuvenate your body and start your days fresh. Eight hours, without apology, will give you a new lease on life.

5. Get Out of Your Own Head: When you are isolated, it is easy for negative thoughts to take hold, to spiral in on themselves, and grow too big for you to handle. Connect with friends and family if you can, start a hobby at your local adult learning annex, or adopt a furry friend that will provide unconditional love and give you focused responsibility for another living creature.

Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls of the room you live in most. Listen to music you love. Bring more natural light into your space or change your light bulbs to brighten things up. I recently wrote about 7 simple grounding techniques to help clear your head.

If you try some of these methods and you still feel more than just “down in the dumps,” seek emotionally focused therapy (EFT) from a qualified therapist. This type of therapy is short term and structured to get the greatest benefits as soon as possible.

Then, and only then, should you consider an antidepressant band-aid that may do more harm than good. Learning how to cope with depression takes effort but you are worth every bit of that effort. Make yourself a priority and embrace a stronger and happier YOU.

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