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A Case Of Possession Or Strange Epilepsy?

Here is a recent news story that stimulated my rebellious “otherwise” brain cells.

A 37-year old woman in Germany has strange epileptic seizures: she feels she has turned into a man. This is accompanied by a deeper and more masculine voice and even her arms have grown hairier over time.

MRI scans revealed damage to the woman’s right amygdala, a tiny little almond-shaped group of nerve cells at the base of the brain, known to be associated with mood and emotions (amydala is Greek for the almond).

There’s more: EEG electrodes recorded abnormal activity in the surrounding right temporal lobe, suggesting that this region is the source of her seizures. What are called “temporal lobe seizures” are notorious for causing strange disorientation, sensations of déjà vu or jamais vu (unfamiliarity in everyday surroundings) and even past life recall. The Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote of feeling the presence of God in the moments preceding such a seizure.

But this gender transformation, though entirely consistent with weird temporal lobe perceptions, is actually quite unusual. That’s surprising.

Now, here’s where I come in with my renegade view of things. I like to ask questions; real questions, like: could this be a case of possession? I mean real possession, a real spirit, entering at the time of the seizure?

Doctors would never ask themselves this question. To them the idea would be ridiculous.

But why not?

I’ve dealt with countless lives and events centered around spirit entities coming and going, personality changes, past lives and identity switches. It’s actually much more common than people might suspect. But the victim usually dismisses it as illusory; they and the doctors will record the events in terms like “seems as if…” there was a take-over. But what if it is real?

I have known cases of total personality change after an operation—put down to anesthetic damage—but in which that’s hard to justify clinically. Yet the patient woke up with entirely new characteristics. Not brain damaged; one was fiendishly clever and turned into an international crook and possibly a murderer (never been proved).

I believe it was a case of a permanent take-over. He ended up in jail and nobody yet knows the final outcome. He threatened his son’s life, from within jail. Yet this man started out as an amiable professor.

Shades of “The Exorcist”!

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