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A New Study on Sepsis and Vitamin C – A True Miracle Healer

We need vitamin C to live. That’s why it is a vitamin: the word means “vital amine”, or essential to life. Read on to learn about a new study on sepsis and vitamin C…

In centuries gone by, sailors died of scurvy wholesale in the ships of all nations. Then in 1747 Brits finally solved it by giving everyone in the Royal Navy lime juice, rich in vitamin C, and had their sailors in top-top fighting condition. Which, as I like to boast, is why Britain ruled the world for centuries. It’s also why Brits are still called Limeys (or Limey bastards, if you don’t like ‘em!)

But that’s old hat. I’ve shared it with readers before.

What’s much more interesting is the 20th century realization that vitamin C is AWESOME for fighting serious systemic infections (systemic means everywhere in the body). Frederick R. Klenner MD was an outstanding pioneer in this respect and was routinely bringing people back from the dead, using massive doses of IV vitamin C: I’m talking hundreds of grams in a day, not milligrams!

Of course this has been totally ignored by orthodox medicine. We all know why they give no credence to something which costs pennies on the dollar, just to save lives!

More recently Thomas E. Levy, who is both an MD and a lawyer, has been getting outstanding results both with patients, getting the word out (see his book Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, which is now in its 3rd edition) and in manufacturing and disseminating a liposomal C product.

Today I received the Orthomolecular News Service mailing1, written by Dr. Levy (reprinted from NaturalHealth365) and he has called my attention to a pretty sensational fact: there is now an official scientific paper, printed in a peer-reviewed journal (Chest), showing the life-saving benefits of IV vitamin C.2

I nearly fell off my chair! This is massive. It means the deadly dinosaur ignorant doctors—who routinely ignore earlier peer-reviewed Vitamin C articles from the 30s and 40s, because they are “old”—can now no longer take the position of ignoring what is reported. It is now very current indeed: 2017!


The Miracle Healer

sepsis-and-vitamin-c-handVitamin C is one of the most amazing substances in biology, because it produces life-saving effects at 60 – 100 mgms (blocks scurvy) and yet is non toxic at any known level. Hundreds of grams quickly run into a patient IV has saved their life, yet with no detectable side-effects or complications.

Even as little as 50 grams a day, vitamin C has a cytotoxic effect on cancer cells. The critical blood level seems to be about 3 mg per 100 mls.

Both the medical press and the general press have persisted in not reporting this incredibly vital information to consumers. Quite the opposite, the press has consistently generated misleading articles “supported” by bold-faced lies, basically asserting that vitamin C is not only ineffective, it can also be toxic and might damage the kidneys, along with possibly causing an array of other medical problems.

One UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, (a rag, by any standard of judgment) runs repeated articles that claim “vitamin C causes cancer”.3

Details of A New Study – Sepsis and Vitamin C

Here’s some details of the new definitive study, in which vitamin C was used in an intensive care unit (ICU) to save patients with potentially-fatal sepsis, exactly as described by Klenner in the 1940s.

Dr. Paul Marik from the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia has tested a protocol in patients diagnosed with advanced sepsis and septic shock. Sepsis is a body-wide infection that rapidly evolves to a state of low blood pressure (shock) and multi-organ failure due to both the infection itself and the poor blood flow secondary to the low blood pressure.


Currently, sepsis is the most common cause of death in hospitalized patients, routinely killing 30% to 50% of such patients, and claiming millions of lives around the world every year.

Dr. Marik gave intravenous vitamin C along with some hydrocortisone and thiamine (vitamin B1), on a 48-year-old woman dying of septic shock in his ICU in January, 2016. In Dr. Marik’s own words, he stated that “I was expecting the next morning when I came to work she would be dead.” He then added, “But when I walked in the next morning, I got the shock of my life,” as the patient was strikingly improved, subsequently proceeding smoothly to a complete recovery.

Dr. Marik, a man of integrity, was not going to deny what he and his staff had clearly witnessed. So he proceeded to institute his vitamin C protocol on 47 more consecutive septic patients over the next seven months (also with the hydrocortisone and thiamine). He compared the results he achieved with these patients in a retrospective manner, compared to a group of septic patients treated without his new protocol during the prior seven months, simply looking at the outcome of survival.

Dr. Marik’s results were stunning, to say the least. Only 4 of the 47 patients treated with the protocol did not survive (8.5%), while 19 of the 47 control patients died (40.4%). None of the treated patients developed any organ failure, and all of the treated patients were able to be weaned off of vasopressors (blood pressure-supporting drugs) within roughly 24 hours of starting the protocol.

Furthermore, Dr. Marik also noted that all four of the treated patients who died did not die of sepsis-related shock, but from their underlying conditions.

Dr. Marik didn’t stop there but went on to treat another 150 patients with sepsis and septic shock. Only one from that group went on to die from the sepsis itself. That’s a mortality of less than 1%, using high-dose vitamin C.

Without vitamin C, patient survival with standard treatment protocols is 30- 50%. If a new drug were developed that could produce these astounding results, it would be labeled a miracle drug.

The kicker is that what really killed the non-survival patients was scurvy, not the sepsis.

See, when the body is under an onslaught, like a massive invasion of pathogens, all available vitamin C is rushed to the rescue, quickly used up unless supplemented, and then fatal scurvy sets in. It’s a killer; history proves that.

Dr. Marik made the point that critically ill patients have either very low or undetectable vitamin C levels in the blood. Meaning if the physician does NOT rapidly and capably raise IV vitamin C levels, he or she is effectively killing the patient by neglect!4


In Dr Marik’s Own Words:

“In the doses used, vitamin C is absolutely safe. The package insert lists no complications, side effects or precautions. Patients with cancer have safely been given doses up to 150 grams – one hundred times the dose we give. In the patients with renal impairment we have measured the oxalate levels; these have all been in the safe range. Every single patient who received the protocol had an improvement in renal function.”

This effectively puts an end to the false assault on vitamin C, claiming it is a threat to kidney health. Dr. Marik also went on to comment on the complete safety of the hydrocortisone doses used in the protocol, as well as on how inexpensive the total protocol was.

Medicolegally speaking, the genie is now out of the bottle. With the publicity given to Dr. Marik’s protocol, especially on television and in videos on the internet, physicians are no longer in a position to deny any patient the benefits of such a therapy, or even to say that they have not heard of it.

Just don’t hold your breath that decades-old onslaught against vitamin therapy will suddenly end!

But as Dr. Levy says (remember he is also a lawyer at the bar!), physicians have an obligation of due diligence in educating themselves on the most current of treatment recommendations for a given condition.

Even if subsequent studies show less dramatic results than those achieved by Dr. Marik, there is no defense a physician can offer, other than arrogance and pride at being “told” what to do, to withhold this treatment from a patient dying on the ICU and not responding to traditional antibiotics and supportive therapy.

Bottom line, Levy says: If you have a family member dying of sepsis on an intensive care unit, demand that Dr. Marik’s protocol be immediately instituted. If you are denied this option, make sure your physician understands that immediate legal action to initiate the therapy will ensue, and that the death of your loved one will assure the initiation of a malpractice suit against him/her.1

Look out for my forthcoming oral vitamin C powder formula, which is especially formulated and buffered, with d-Ribose, so your body can tolerate HUGE doses, without causing diarrhea!


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