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A Prescription for Living Delight

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We have many codes of behavior. Mostly interdicts (things that are restricted or forbidden). We have lists of priorities. But what about a code of delight? Should we not subscribe to a ritual code of happiness, meaning and sheer indulgence of joy? Aristotle, no less, said the highest duty of an individual was the pursuit of happiness.

The thing is, he recognized that joy does not walk along with bad behavior; to find true happiness we must live well and behave gently towards others. Hence delight has an implicit code…

Such a code could never be enforced but then, at the highest level, it would be self-enforcing—because pleasure is the motivator or reward! Delight is telling you that you are walking a goodness path.

Pleasure and happiness seem to get a bad rap. That’s because of religions, which seek to enforce lack, need, suffering and boundaries, in order to keep their members enslaved and malleable.

They thrive on poverty, fear, self-effacement and tragedy.

But this is stupid teaching: God—whatever you conceive that to mean—has wrapped happiness into the world for a reason. It is put there, not to be scoffed at, derided and avoided, but to be indulged, honestly, openly, freely, without guilt and without let or hindrance.

In fact delight (as opposed to religious smugness) is the surest sign you are close to the state of God. Serene radiance, the full ecstasy of Being, is our most valid pursuit in Supernoetics®. It has been attained by many individuals, many times in history. Abram Maslow studied it, when and where it surfaced. It is not a theoretical abstraction.

Neither is it an entitlement. It is a reward for those who achieve greatness at the highest level of Being.

So what would such a code look like? Let’s take a shot at it…

1. I acknowledge that joy and wellbeing are far, far greater pursuits than winning and triumph.

2. Wars, sport and any competition teach us the wrong thing, which is winning at all costs. Playing for delight is the only game to win.

3. My winnings will always be meagre and circumscribed, unless others too can find delight. I cannot win at the expense of others.

4. My code says everyone in my purview must find the pleasure of fulfillment. What of those who find delight in slaughter and cruelty? It is not delight but sick satisfaction. I can show them better. True delight.

5. In Supernoetics® we have every tool needed to bring people around to sanity and joy. No-one is so twisted and torn that the good inside them cannot be found and craftily regrown to satisfying proportions.

6. Try to be good at all you do. Competence breeds morale and people will come to love you more, if they can depend on you.

7. I abjure the supposition that to suffer is spiritual. This is a sick doctrine. We are best engaged in the search for love; profound love at the deepest level of knowing.

8. For everyone, delight remains the aim. We must all simply change our rules of engagement, to find it without minimizing the existence of others.

9. Effort in the direction of lessening, hurting or limiting others is a needless and fruitless pursuit. It misses the key component of Being, which is love.

10. Unconditional love holds all the elements of Being.


11. Honor, power, respect, dominion, responsibility, admiration, communication, wisdom and integrity are all are predicated on love. These qualities of Being are also predicated on pleasure.

12. Wonder, innocence and honesty are my team mates in the pursuit of that which gladdens.

13. The greatest tool of all is love. Love will heal all troubles and sorrow and waken our hearts, like the rising of the Sun.

14. We test love by pleasure; we connect to pleasure with love (true axiom).

15. Delight melts away pain and disease. Laughter is the lightest and one of the most powerful of all healing remedies.

16. When life is stormy and the seas of circumstance rise up roughly or an ill wind blows hard, I can still find joy by looking up to the heavens and seeing a vast infinitude there, communing with flowers and growing things, looking down into the tiniest scale of exuberant life beneath my shoes, watching the proxy of bird flight, or by sensing the kinship of a beloved animal companion.

17. I am teaching myself the difference between the light, charming airiness of delight and the heavier grasping enfoldment of need, indulgence and desire. The latter signals only temporary low-level reward.

18. Comparisons are the enemy of delight because the act of choosing creates a winner and something to dislike in contrast. Comparisons are odious. [John Lydgate in his Debate between the horse, goose, and sheep, circa 1440: “Odyous of olde been comparisonis, And of comparisonis engendyrd is haterede.”]

19. I am delighted when my body sings with energy and freedom. To that end I am observant of what I eat and drink and partake only of that which is good and nourishing. Moreover, quantity is critical for pleasure and needless excesses drain our energies.

20. Finally and most glorious of all, I embrace the thrill and delight of waking to my Being, each and every day. What a glorious and extraordinary event is daily awareness and Being! Think of it! Let me never tire of it, grow cynical or despairing of its honor and magic, but rather endlessly create each new day as a celebration of becoming ME!

In quiet moments of contemplation or prayer, these are my thoughts in regard to the pursuit of delight! Please share and enjoy!

Note the term “delight maker” is found in the Native American Indian culture. It is the name that they gave to their teachers of magic, and also their name for the metaphysical or unseen intelligence within the universe.

Wishing you all the delights you would wish yourself!

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