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A Simple Weight Loss Mind Strategy

Connirae Andreas PhD, an internationally known trainer and researcher in NLP, coauthor of the marvelous book Heart Of The Mind, gives a very simple technique, which I have tried, taught others, and found to be valuable.

She calls it the Naturally-Slender Eating Strategy! We all do different things in our minds, when we think about work, love, pleasure and eating. These structured sequences of thought are what NLP practitioners call mind “strategies”. Connirae points out that people who are slim, eat well and stay healthy must be doing something different when they think about food.

Since she is a naturally slim person, she asked herself “What goes on in my mind when I start to think about food?”

Her answer goes something like this:

  1. I check how my stomach feels now.
  2. I ask myself “What would feel good in my stomach?”
  3. I imagine a portion of food: a sandwich, a bowl of soup, etc.
  4. I visualize eating this food and get the feeling of how this amount of food will feel in my stomach over time, if I eat it now and it stays in my system for some hours to come.
  5. If I like this feeling better than the feeling of not eating at all, I keep this food item as a possibility.
  6. She repeats this for several food options and then, when she has enough choices, she finally picks the one that she knows will feel best over time.
  7. She feels good after eating that food because she spent a lot of thought making sure she would!

You can simply try the same Naturally-Slender Eating Strategy technique she uses when you start to think about food too help watch your weight. Learn more on how to keep thin with using the power of your mind.

That’s a “no guilt” strategy, as you can readily see. Unfortunately, for most obese people, their mental strategy is rather like this:

  1. I think about food.
  2. I realize I feel hungry
  3. I like pizza pie
  4. I’ll eat pizza pie, probably a second helping because I really LIKE pizza pie.
  5. I give no thought for how this will make me feel over time.
  6. I eat the food and maybe another helping.
  7. About half an hour after eating, I start to feel yuck in my stomach
  8. I start wishing I hadn’t eaten that. I tell myself to feel guilty.
  9. Soon I start thinking about food all over again and fall into the same dumb strategy, even though it doesn’t work.

Contrast this last mind thought with Connirae’s own food strategy. Her thoughts will help you realize why she’s thin.

You can simply try the same Naturally-Slender Eating Strategy technique she uses when you start to think about food to help watch your weight. Read how an average guy lost 40 pounds with his own unique strategies.

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