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Age-Easy: A Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure For Wrinkles and Lines

Why on earth do people have their faces injected with one of the most powerful poisons known (botulinus toxin)? The registered name for this folly is Botox®.

The quick answer, I suppose, is that it is important for people—especially women—to maintain their good looks for as long as possible. But at what cost? Eventually you will lose your facial expression altogether and nothing is more aging than looking like a Parkinson’s disease expressionless mask.

I recall Joan Rivers, who was a master of all parody, asking “Am I smiling?” meaning, “Is my face moving, I can’t even tell!”

Such injections are a costly, damaging and permanent treatment. It overrides the dynamics of character and personality, as manifest in facial expressions. You are no longer the same YOU when you can’t smile or wink!

Look at this poor woman (Kylie Minogue), who was seduced into going in for this vulgar treatment. Her skin is like parchment and her face horribly disfigured, even though there are few wrinkles.



non-surgical-cosmetic-procedure-kylie-waxwork12012… Forced smile out of a plastic mask


The sad thing is that there are good alternatives to this disfiguring treatment, real improvements, that work with nature, PARALYZE NOTHING, and keeping your gracious self intact.

I am going to spend this blog post explaining more and inviting you to watch an online webinar demonstration of something far, far better.

Wife Didn’t Recognize Him

This is so good that a student who went on to learn this technique and used it on himself was not immediately recognized by his wife! OK, he went a bit over the top, because he was excited by what it could do. But the fact remains that his features were so altered his wife couldn’t spot him in the line at the airport, when she met him coming home!

Pretty dramatic.

But I want to emphasize that THIS treatment, unlike is Botox®, is completely reversible. It is what nature would want you to do, which is tone up your facial muscles.

Let me digress for a moment. Most of you know my degrees include a bachelor in surgery. I loved it; getting up at 4.00 am and taking out someone’s appendix, who by late breakfast time was calmed and out of pain. Cool!

Some of the things I did back then, I would never do again. But here’s the point: one day I saw a remarkably beautiful woman—I mean a really delicious goddess—given an anesthetic. She duly passed out and, you know what? Her looks vanished. Her face was just a puffy blob of fat and muscle.

As I stared at the transformation, I suddenly understood something very important: beauty is a posture. How you hold yourself. IT IS NOT SOMETHING INHERENT IN THE PERSON’S FACE. Take away the muscle tone and her looks were gone totally. Put another way, beauty is a conscious muscle-mask a woman wears.

If she wears it well, it’s a delight to see. It’s driven artists like Da Vinci, Raphael and Botticelli crazy. But as soon as you pull the plug on that muscle tone, the looks are gone. They are not really there, so to speak.

non-surgical-cosmetic-procedure-venus-botticelli-detailBotticelli’s celebrated Venus, probably a Florentine beauty named Simonetta Vespucci


Men Can Use This Too

I don’t think it’s unkind to mention that men too are becoming increasingly vain about their looks in later years. And why not? We Boomers want to keep the party going till our very last day on Earth.

That means looking good, feeling and good and… well, getting laid once in a while! Let’s not be coy. The same rules apply for men as women: we want to be attractive to the opposite sex, we want our portraits and smartphone selfies to be flattering and not a picture of ruin and decay! More than anything, we want to impress our good selves with how well we are holding up! (Be honest, it’s true!)

Go for it guys! You too are invited to watch the webinar. The registration link is given below (It’s absolutely FREE! No charge for this).

Cellular Makeover

The technique I am going to share with you is really fascinating. It builds on what was once referred to simply as SCENAR technology.

Nowadays we grace it with a more scientific term: microcurrent therapy, or MCT. SCENARs are no longer the only name in the game. There are countless devices that can do the same thing.

So if you have an Avazzia, SCENAR, DENAS, ENART or any of that family of devices, listen up. You are going to learn something great.

If don’t have any of these devices or have never heard of them, but you are concerned about aging and don’t want the death-mask of bo-tox or to sludge in concrete “fillers”, then this is going to fascinate you!

We tone up the facial muscles, restoring them to pristine firmness. Hey presto: your old looks re-appear. Sagging is gone, lines and wrinkles reduced or gone, because your face is being actively formed into what it once was, before all that drooping got started!

It’s simple and painless. Microcurrent therapy means just that: a tiny electrical current, that your body responds to but is not an electrical shock!

Webinar with World Class Experts

To teach you about this amazing approach to health, aging and beauty, I once again call on my MCT expert friends, Lorraine and John Haché, from Pacific Health Options, Vancouver.

Click Here Now to Watch the Webinar

Once you’re finished watching the groundbreaking webinar:
Click here to Discover the Special Offer

I tackle the important subjects of anti-aging and treating wrinkles, scars, acne, scabies and so much more.

It’s important to note that there are other things you can do to add life to your years as beauty has a tendency to reflect from the inside out.

But the emphasis on this very special webinar is, as I explained, how this super-modern technology can benefit you by dramatically improving your looks and without being invasive.

non-surgical-cosmetic-procedure-avazzia-before-and-afterAvazzia Before and After


Beauty Is Not Just Skin Deep

Beauty and radiant health is in the heart, mind and soul.

The importance that we attribute to our physical appearance, particularly to that which we call the “ocular segment” of the face (around the eyes), but also including the neck, face and jaw also correspond to our psycho-emotional and spiritual health.

The 5th, 6th and 7th chakras somewhat unconsciously deal with the highly developed capacities for thought, language, self-reflection, and self- actualization that separate man from all other creatures.

How you “face” the world (see, it’s even in the language), how you express yourself with actions, such as talking, crying, laughing, biting, smiling, frowning, smelling, eating, spitting, screaming, and swallowing, shows an uninterrupted flow of actions and emotions.

The face is the first part of the body examined when one looks at another person. So it’s important to our image. Self-expression also involves the face, and the kind of face we put on ourselves tells a great deal about who we are and how we feel.

We wear our emotions on our faces and transfer them into our bodies where, over time, they will wreak havoc with our health as communication pathways become blocked (unless you read my books!)


Don’t Be Coy

Come on everyone! It’s not often you get encouraged look uncritically at yourself and decide to make a change. It’s never too late to care how you look. It’s never too late to learn!

The Hachés and myself welcome you all, to this wonderful use of electro- physiology, of Light Emitting Diodes, of body meridians, of emotional and physical release, of not only looking good but feeling great as well.

You will see things differently, because you will BE different!

Click Here Now to Watch the Webinar

Once you’re finished watching the groundbreaking webinar:
Click here to Discover the Special Offer

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