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Albert Abrams Discovers Human Sensitivity to Earth’s Magnetic Field

Humans Have an On-Board Compass

Can humans detect the Earth’s magnetism in their cells? Of course not, say the experts.

Is the Sun the center of the solar system? Of course not, said the experts. Does washing your hands after touching corpses help avoid the spread of disease? Of course not, said the experts. Can food allergies make you ill? Of course not, said the experts.

So I would just yawn at the “science” that says of course not… without them even looking!

But I have a particular reason for supposing that humans are, indeed, very sensitive to the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Those of you who have read my sensational book Medicine Beyond (beyond B*S* you might say) will know that I may be the first person to explain the mystery of the so-called Abram’s reflex. This is a curious medical effect, discovered by San Francisco doctor Albert Abrams, and published in his 1916 book New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment.

Briefly, Abram’s observed that if a person was to be oriented across (at right angles to) the Earth’s geomagnetic field, then certain signs of disease, such as cancer, TB and sarcoidosis, would manifest in the form of a dullness of percussion on different parts of the abdominal wall.

Following up, Abram’s quickly found he could identify disease tissue accurately, because the dull resonant note would always appear on the same part of the abdomen: cancer, for example, caused a dullness just above and to the left of the navel; TB was horizontal, just below the navel, and so on.

Even weirder was the fact that he didn’t need a sick patient. Albert Abrams could hitch his assistant Igor to a specimen tray and put a specimen in there; the dullness would appear at exactly the right place on Igor’s abdomen to enable him to tell infallibly what the disease specimen was. [see diagram: Igor is the “subject” in this schematic]


It got worse: Abrams claimed he could do this over the telephone. Trouble was just around the corner!

Pretty soon he was denounced. The experts said all this was not possible. The device developed by Abrams called The Reflexophone (shown in the diagram) was pronounced a fraud. This was despite the fact that repeated tests showed his technique and the Abrams reflex was just about 100% accurate, in the right hands.

That’s W-A-Y above what conventional doctor could achieve (about 25% accurate in those day; maybe 45% accurate today).

Abrams was accused of fraudulently claiming a medical qualification from the University of Heidelberg. However documents from Archive of University Heidelberg confirm that Albert Abrams received a medical degree there on November 21, 1882. It was the usual character assassination, so typical of US-style medical politics (read greed and machinations).

So what is the truth? Abrams had clearly found something—utterly beyond the science of the day—but not beyond my wicked curiosity!

The answer is surprisingly simple and comes from everyday physics. As I said, I may have been the first to spot it. The clue is in the fact that the patient had to be oriented at right angles to the geomagnetic field. There’s one well-known phenomenon that relies on a fixed magnetic cross-field and that is CYCLOTRON RESONANCE. It’s classical physics.

Maybe I should mention NMR or nuclear magnetic resonance, which is similar but a strictly quantum physics phenomenon. That introduces non-locality (connected over infinite distance), which would explain why Abrams could do it over the telephone.

To learn more about this exciting historical breakthrough, that even today is scoffed at by the world’s “experts”, you’ll need to grab a copy of Medicine Beyond, which you can do here… or read on and wait till the end.

Suffice it to say that even the world-famous Mayo Clinic is today using the Abrams’ testing method (with computers, not tapping the tummy!) They have a cyclotron resonance detector machine, as do countless other hospitals and medical schools! It’s all unfolding exactly as I predicted in my 1999 book, which preceded Medicine Beyond.

Human Sensitivity

So… can humans detect the Earth’s geomagnetic field? Of course! Albert Abrams’ work proved that.

But the “experts” keep saying such an idea is nonsense. That’s for pigeons and migrating birds maybe, but not humans!


Now a maverick scientist at CalTech, Pasadena, is after the truth. Joe Kirschvink believes humans have magentorecption, as it’s called, and aims to prove it. It’s part of our evolutionary history, he believes. Magnetoreception may be the primal sense.

Two floors underground at Caltech, in a clean room with magnetically shielded walls, a liquid helium pump throbs and hisses, cooling a superconducting instrument that Kirschvink has used to measure tiny magnetic fields in everything from bird beaks to martian meteorites.

With a syringe, a technician injects electrolyte gel onto the human subject’s scalp through a skullcap studded with electrodes. This will be followed by exposure to custom magnetic fields generated by an array of electrical coils, while an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine records the subject’s brain waves.

This is high-tech, quality science, by any definition.

An Unsavory Topic

For much of the 20th century, magneto reception research seemed as unsavory as the study of dowsing or telepathy. Yet, it is now an accepted fact that many animals sense the Earth’s magnetic field. Birds, fish, and other migratory animals dominate the list. In recent years, researchers have found that less speedy creatures—lobsters, worms, snails, frogs, newts—possess the sense. Mammals, too, seem to respond to Earth’s field. In experiments, wood mice and mole rats use magnetic field lines in siting their nests; cattle and deer orient their bodies along them when grazing; and dogs point themselves north or south when they urinate or defecate (I didn’t know that, did you?).

It’s all so obvious that humans must be able to do it too. Science is just STUPID to deny it. We were evolved in the Earth’s geomagnetic field. In fact the important question I raised in Medicine Beyond is could natural cyclotron resonance disturb our sensitive metabolism? That answer is a resounding YES, as studies prove.

So suddenly, Albert Abrams looks like a genius 80 years ahead of today’s fuddling science, instead of being America’s “greatest charlatan”, as the AMA’s magazine Hygeia claimed.

The case that his device was “nonsense” appears now as contumely and spite (contumely: a lovely 18th-century word, meaning insolent or insulting language or treatment), not to mention pig-ignorance.

Modern evaluations of Abrams’ healing devices show easily-detectable EMF forces. Yet Sir Thomas Horder (who had to admit the reflex worked) dismissed the Reflexophone by saying, so far as he could understand, might very well be replaced by a coal scuttle, or a pair of tongs”.

Horder was an arrogant fool and very ignorant.

See Conclusion, which I have put at the end, for the sake of brevity.

Albert Abrams’ Legacy

In his 1916 book, Abram’s smartly declared:

“As Physicians we dare not stand aloof from the recent amazing advances made in Physical Science, and segregate the human entity from other entities of the physical universe whether the object of our differentiation is a healthy man, or merely a mass of diseased tissue, we are in either case, dealing only with a congregation of vibrant atoms, which in their innumerable molecular combinations are the basic constituents of everything that exists.”

Abrams espoused the revolutionary model of electronic disease, which I took at the basic premise for Medicine Beyond.

So long as the atomic constituents of a cell, remain normal in regard to the number and arrangement of the electrons and protons they contain, there can be no cellular disease. It is not until the atomic (electronic) constituents of a cell undergo some structural distortion or failure that the cell itself begins to wilt and slowly develop characteristics, which eventually manifest as pathology.

It’s not even a startling idea. It’s almost obvious! But for doctors stuck in the “stuff” theory (everything is biochemical matter), this is too big a wrench.

Research, as envisaged by Abrams, carried out by competent atomic or molecular physicist, might solve many as yet unsolved problems associated with the origin of disease. Forces might be discovered which are available even now, if we only knew it, not only for correcting intra molecular aberrations, but even for preventing their occurrence.

Abrams was a very great man, possibly medicine’s most outstanding genius, the first to marry physics with medicine. The late Sir James Barr (UK), described him as “the greatest medical genius of our time”, a verdict which history will no doubt confirm. Abrams died almost suddenly of pneumonia in 1924. But in Sir James Barr’s opinion, it would be more true to say that he was “hounded to death by his professional brethren”.

Let’s hope that the fact he was Jewish was only a small part of the outrageous lies and attacks upon his character. This is a nice portrait to finish:

Here’s to the truth, in all its forms and incarnations. Life is worthless without it!


P.S. Last link to by Medicine Beyond masterpiece (this is only one tiny part of the book!)


In 1955 the Reflexophone was examined in detail by prestigious British pharmacy: Messrs. John Bell and Croyden, London. This is the report received:


As requested, we have examined the control panel of your Abrams’ Reflexophone. This is comprised of three stud-controlled rheostats having scales so marked as to indicate various ohmic values. The markings are:

  • 0-50 in steps of 10 Ohms.
  • 0-10 in steps of 1 Ohm.
  • 0-25 in steps of 1/25th Ohm.

These values are necessarily approximate, owing to certain variances on the stud contacts. This panel could well be used in conjunction with an inductive circuit.

The rheostats are wound in such a manner as to be inductive, and therefore variations in resistance will also cause variation in inductance. It is possible that the function of this inductance is to pick up certain frequencies that Dr. Albert Abrams found served his special purpose.

Manager: Electro Medical Department.

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