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antibiotic age is over

It’s over!

The truth is, the comfortable world as we have known it for the last 60 years is coming rapidly to an end. Bacteria are deadly and the short period of time where we were able to control them is vanishing fast. Even as you read this, a new strain could be emerging somewhere, just a handful of resistant germs; but because of their fantastic power of multiplication (doubling every 20 minutes or so), that new strain could be all over the Earth within months, or even weeks.

You’ve heard of MRSA, everyone has heard of MRSA. But did you know it now kills more people than AIDS and is gaining ground? It doesn’t require unusual sexual practices to spread; with the latest strain you can literally inhale it at your local club or supermarket. Many people did and died rapidly as a result.

But it’s not just MRSA. Now we have VRE (vancomycin resistant enterococcus), which is far more deadly than MRSA (100% fatal septicemia) . Also we now have PRSP (penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae). It is reported that out of 100,000 hospitalizations for pneumonia, 40% are now due to this organism!

Get safe. Get the facts

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