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Are There REALLY Fewer Cancer Deaths Occurring?

Orthodox cancer therapy is NOT winning the war against cancer.  They like to claim that cancer deaths are decreasing (true for many common cancers) and immediately take the credit.

The snapshot is that overall deaths from all forms of cancer went down by 1.8% per year among men and by 1.4% per year among women from 2000 to 2009. Death rates among children up to 14 years of age decreased by 1.8% per year.

I have a radical (and common sense) theory that relates to multiple studies published alongside these “cancer deaths are in decline” studies: fewer people are going to the doctor because it’s too expensive.

I’ve always said that if you want to stay healthy, stay away from mainstream doctors!  More patients are avoiding orthodox medicine (due to bloated cost that forces many into bankruptcy), so cancer survival rates are improving!

There’s a fact that isn’t well-known.  If left alone, many cancers will recover spontaneously. It’s more than a suspicion that doctors create the real cancer problem and that the treatment is worse than the disease!

A landmark study from Scandinavia showed that, if doctors did nothing, a significant number of cases underwent total remission.  Enough patients to recommend that the first approach to cancer should be wait and see – NOT rush the patients into same-day chemo.

This conservative approach would lower fear and pressure to act immediately – when a patient’s head is still wrapping around the dreaded “C” word and can barely think straight.

Mind you, even the cancer propaganda machine can’t paint everything rosy!

Cancer deaths are on the rise from melanoma in men (potentially fatal form of skin cancer), uterine cancer in women, as well as liver and pancreatic cancer in both sexes.

What’s more, the data shows a rise in cancers related to the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.  They like to spin this that too few at-risk people are getting the vaccine that can help prevent these cancers.

It’s those words “can help prevent” that bother me.  Gardasil is one of the worst vaccines ever put on the market by a crooked and incompetent industry – it remains completely unproven in long-term effectiveness.  They insist you give it to your children at the age of around 12 years (boys and girls), with the sneering insinuation that they’ll be promiscuous so best to act now.

It gives me the shudders.

Getting To The Truth

The real truth about cancer is that it is NOT a tumor.  Cancer is a systemic disease (meaning whole-body). The farcical interpretation of doctors is that only a little piece of the body has gone wrong.

It’s like saying the floor is wet, with no search for the leaking pipe or faucet. The problem is not a wet floor – the problem is a leak (or bad plumbing)!

I keep saying “We are all battling cancer.” Statistically, it’s true, that you or a loved one is likely to get it.

Doctors and “scientists” have got themselves so far off center that they’ve started to believe that genes are everything. Genes account for very little. It’s the environment which tells genes (or doesn’t) whether to switch on and off.

A cancer gene is HARMLESS unless it switches on!

One study mentioned that childhood abuse can trigger cancer.  Abuse is not genetic and the results of this research further prove my point.

University of Toronto researchers concluded that childhood physical abuse is associated with a 49% increased risk of cancer in adulthood and is even more important than socioeconomic status and adult behaviors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and lack of physical activity.

I have always put immense emphasis on the emotional make up of a cancer sufferer. It’s as big as issues concerning diet and nutrition.

Meaning, in my experience, you could eat badly and survive, if you clean out your emotional detritus. Almost every patient I had who went to the core of their issues and really confronted and cleaned them up survived, even while eating poorly.

I remember one outstanding 40-year old case who was a victim of child abuse and she finally uncovered the horrifying story she’d been suppressing all her life (grandfather, satanism, bondage, ritual abuse in the forest by a group of adults, and the usual threats to keep her silent).  It had to be purged.

Her brain tumor vanished, all her tumor markers went back to zero, and she recovered fully. When I last talked with her, I pointed out her terrible eating habits.  She said she was cured – and she was right!

I have a saying: any good health measure is an anti-cancer measure.

So, it’s not surprising that a substantial proportion of cancers can be prevented. Below are the top external cancer risks that can cause cancer.  All of them are within your control.

  • Tobacco
  • Infectious organisms
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Physical inactivity
  • Environmental factors

If cancer deaths are on the decline, it is holistic practitioners and the patients themselves who should get the credit – not the greedy, one-track minded medical and pharmaceutical conglomerates.


Cancer Journal, July 15 2009 issue

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