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Autism: We’re still learning

The furore over mercury and autism has obscured important truths. Those wedded to the mercury theory are so stuck in their belief they won’t look outside it.

We seem to have developed an intractable community who are just a rigid and dogma-bound as the conventional crowd, intolerant, unscientific and willing to be wrong, rather than give up their position.

I don’t think mercury is the problem and said why in a previous blog about thimerosal.

Notwithstanding, a new study shows that autism and parental age are related. How do you explain that if mercury (thimerosal) is the cause?

What the study showed was that mothers over 40 have double the incidence of autism disorder than mothers under 20 (with a range in between).

Fathers over forty have TRIPLE the likelihood of their child having autism than younger fathers under 20.

As I said, it’s hard to explain in terms of mercury toxicity. But my theory (mutated measles virus) doesn’t fit this scenario either.

All we really know is that autism spectrum disorder has risen dramatically. The crooked or idiot doctors who say it’s always been around and just being diagnosed more can be considered just flunkies of the drug industry.

It’s very baffling still. All I know is that I saw SCORES of cases where the onset was right after vaccination (within days and sometimes 24 hrs the child started to deteriorate).

Pray to God for an answer soon.


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