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Avoid the Standard American Breakfast and Get A Truly Heart Healthy Diet

Good morning! It’s time for breakfast. You do remember breakfast don’t you?

Okay, let’s be honest. The last time most of us had a “real” breakfast was probably served to us at a restaurant.

Perhaps we made one at home for a special occasion a while back.

With the pace of life these days, most people don’t have time to sit down in the morning to a full meal, let alone cook one. When we have the time, we want to make an event out of it.

Slabs of bacon, sausage, pancakes or waffles covered with syrup, biscuits and gravy sound delicious, or grits loaded with butter. Are we going to sunny-side-up those eggs or fluff them into an omelet?

Does this sound like a heart healthy diet?

Our grandparents considered breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. They might have lived the farm life and needed a big meal before they went out into the fields. heart healthy breakfast

Today, the average household doesn’t include the kind of labor our grandparents experienced. Your ancestors may have worked mending fences, tending the herd, and putting up hay.

A large portion of today’s workforce is more likely to spend the day typing at a computer. Where laundry was once an all-day, labor-intensive affair – the invention of automatic washers and dryers eliminated much of the heavy lifting. Accumulating food for a family even fifty years ago meant curing meat, tending a garden, or raising chickens.

Cars were a luxury not everyone could afford and if you wanted to get somewhere, chances were that you were walking.

Overall, we’re not burning the calories past generations did.

However, that doesn’t mean breakfast isn’t important. Starting the day with a heart healthy breakfast has been proven the best way to curb appetite and avoid overeating.

A meal such as sausage and eggs is high in protein with very few carbohydrates. It will fill you up and satisfy you longer. That helps avoid the urge to snag one of the donuts your co-worker left in the break room. The hype about eggs being bad for you has been addressed and disproved time and again. Eggs are one of the very best foods to eat in the morning.

People who cut back on carb-heavy foods in the morning typically eat less for lunch as well.

This heart healthy diet is fantastic for your body and your waistline. One important factor is to eat natural, unprocessed foods. It’s harder to get healthy when you’re pumping chemicals, excessive fats, too much sugar, and the wrong carbs into your body.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t have time! My mornings are crazy!”

Many people have that same problem. They have to get ready for work or school, get the kids on the bus, run errands before work, and make sure they have their schedule in place for the day.

The temptation is high to throw something in the microwave or skip breakfast entirely.

In truth, you can whip up eggs and fresh sausage in a matter of minutes. You might consider preparing something the night before while making dinner that you can reheat.

If you have a bit of free time on the weekend, cook some of your favorite breakfast foods and freeze them in individual portions. They’ll be ready to heat and go when you are and they’ll be far healthier and tastier than anything made out of a box.

Create your own breakfast bowls with eggs, bacon, and sausage. Roasting sweet potatoes during the week can be used to replace those fried potatoes you find in restaurants with far less fat and sodium. If you like vegetables, consider dicing up peppers and onions for more variety.

Adding pro-biotic yogurts with a very small portion of fresh fruit will give you the “sweet” without the high sugar count.

Making large portions ahead of time gives you options you might not have had before.

It removes the “no time” excuse and starts your day off with a breakfast that will stay with you – giving you the energy you need to accomplish the ridiculous to-do list you probably have each day. With a little planning, you can start enjoying a home cooked breakfast every morning.

If you’re in a rush, take your breakfast to work. While your coworker is munching on an energy bar filled with sugar and chemicals or your best friend is microwaving a grocery store frozen breakfast bowl, you’ll be eating a full, heart healthy breakfast.

Keeping your heart healthy and watching your weight start with putting good habits in place.

Having a good breakfast is one of the best places to begin.

What a great way to start the day and avoid the trap of the standard American breakfast.

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