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Be A Grey Rock

Outwardly, not inwardly!

OK, you ask: what the hell is Prof going on about now? Well, it is important, so let me explain…

My friend Malcolm, a pal I’ve known for over 50 years (both of us lived originally in Manchester), got this expression from a friend: “Be a grey rock.” The friend meant just don’t stand out at this time. Be as invisible as you can. Make sure you don’t get noticed.

In the times of prowling Google (in cahoots with the CIA, apparently) and people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are being removed for even THINKING subversive thoughts, it serves Humankind best if they just leave you alone… to think, to be independent and, when the time comes, to rise again!

When I say subversive thoughts, of course, I mean counter to the mainstream narrative that has taken hold. The loony left have always hated people who don’t think exactly what they think. That’s why we had Tony Blair and his “champagne socialists” banning fox hunting… “We don’t approve”, so they attempted to eliminate this centuries-old British tradition.

I don’t like hunting myself but I never supposed that gave me the right to tell others what to do or think.

On a far more serious note, we had Stalin and Chairman Mao slaughter nearly 100 million people for having dissenting views. They make Hitler with less than 10 million seem like a loser!

The modern technofascists—Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—have dared to close down the accounts of Donald Trump who is STILL (at the time of writing) the President of the USA. The abominable conceit of these dudes who think that nobody else matters and that their views should—by right—be forced on other people, regardless of their express wishes, is the blight of the world just now.

After all, 74 million people voted for Trump. They want him! That’s the most number of votes for any president in the past. Yet these Trump supporters are now classed as UN-people, according to the technofascists. They are being tracked down and eliminated (literally erased) by the powers of overwhelming evil who are now, even as I write, trying to photoshop history in their image.

If you express even dissenting thoughts, you’re gone. Google and Facebook (who own almost everything else anyway) will cancel your account. They have become the new Thought Police. They think they own our minds! Shades of George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four! (who wrote his famous novel into the teeth of post-war Stalinist Russia, remember)

So, be a grey rock! Don’t draw their fire. Be invisible.

What we can do instead, for those of you who want to become like counter terrorists, is lie low for the moment. Attack them in sneaky ways: like BEING MORE LOVING! They won’t understand that. It’s beyond their puny range of thought. Every time you shout out for caring and humanity, that’s a blow for truth and freedom. It’s an anti-Google statement! He he!

The thing is that we are all connected anyway and nothing happens on the opposite side of the fence that does not affect us. Too bad these techno-sociopaths to get that. It disarms a lot of hostility. Remember the words of Elizabethan poet John Donne (pronounced Dunne): ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. Which in turn was taken as the title of a book by Ernest Hemingway.

“No man is an island” Donne also wrote. No getting away from it: we are all in this together and the fools who think they can force ideas onto people just simply do not, CANNOT, learn from history!

Put another way, there is no point in attacking and hating, because it’s reflexive; it comes back on yourself. Unfortunately, we are going into a period of torpor and hibernation, where nothing good will happen to the human race. In internet terms, original ideas will be shut down! No developments. New ideas will be ostracized, radicals reviled, anything not familiar will be withdrawn from us as unsafe and dangerous. 

Well, I have words for these techno-dudes… anything worthwhile is dangerous! Jesus got clobbered for his ideas; Nicholas Copernicus didn’t dare publish his math showing that the Sun was the center of our nearby space, for fear of being burned by the Inquisition;  Galileo came within a hair of being tortured and killed by the Church, because he said that Jupiter had moons, just like earth’s; and poor old Bruno Giordano did get flamed—literally—because he said God was within us all and that there were infinite universes out there: too much truth for the Catholic Church.

Bruno Giordano who was burned alive in 1600, with a metal bridle in his mouth, so he couldn’t “infect” other people with his truths (Google censorship anyone?)  This statue is in Campo Dei Fiore in Rome.

But it’s personal as well. My parents (and Vivien’s) went through the last war. In a way I’m glad the older folks are gone. They suffered and wept as the world went to war to fight fascism. There was pain, fear, loved ones were lost… and for what? They believed they were fighting for freedom. A future. Indeed, they thought they’d won. But it all came to nothing in the end. Politicians today are just stooges and the real power brokers are the nerdy geeks, who hardly ever wash (Bill Gates stank at one time). 

They pose as rich and successful but the truth is that they just pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes as to what they were truly up to; they sit astride human endeavor siphoning energy from it, capitalizing on it, like the parasites they are. Google, Facebook and Amazon are really just an extra tax, being ripped from the public coffers, and nothing being given back.

I repudiate such specimens of humanity as Zuckerberg, Bezos, Page and Bryn. They are disgusting to me and I do NOT want to be like them or—God forbid!—even think like them! Yet they want to FORCE me to be like them.

It is my wish instead to uphold the wonderful traditions of humans I admire, like Shakespeare, Beethoven, Jane Austen and Michelangelo. I’m in an invidious position. I can’t hide and be a grey rock. I have to stand up and speak my truth. I may get shot. Probably not, I’m not seeking sympathy.

But I want YOU to go underground. Be subversive. Think love. Think humanity. Rejoice in all goodness and think only of the future: what can we bequeath of worth to our children and children’s children?

“Think on”, as my father used to say (never wasted a word!)

Especial fondness this week,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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