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Ben’s cancer fighting game

Important New Cancer-Fighting Tool: “Ben’s Game”

and an inspiring story of selfless giving!

I first published this short article several years ago. I’ve brought it out because I don’t think it should be forgotten!

Ben Duskin, nine years old, is in remission from Leukemia. Throughout his course of treatment, Ben played computer games and began to think about the need to have something positive to help others kids battle their illnesses. Ben’s wish was to design a video game that would be helpful for kids like him who have cancer, a way to fight back and relieve some of the pain and stress involved with treatment.

“The initial response was overwhelmingly pessimistic” said Patricia Wilson, Executive Director. “People told us this venture was nearly impossible without taking several years and literally millions of dollars.” A hero stepped forward: Eric Johnston, and his employer Lucas Arts fully supported his efforts. Not only did Eric want to make Ben’s wish a reality, he planned to involve Ben in every step of the process. For months, Ben and Eric have been meeting on a regular basis to make the game just as Ben envisioned it.

Wilson added, “Eric and Ben achieved the impossible! Ben’s wish is inspiring, because it was selfless and – Ben is a philanthropist. Finding an angel like Eric Johnston was a miracle, and having the support of UCSF and his medical team was invaluable.”

Ben’s own physician, Dr. Seymour Zoger of UCSF Children’s Hospital served as a medical advisor for the game. USCF Children’s Hospital will serve as the first medical facility to install the game for its pediatric patients. “The science for Ben’s game came largely from what Ben learned himself in the course of treatment” said Dr. Zoger.

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