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Binaural creative visualization and relaxation

Binaural Beats Rule Mind Power

We all know the brain is the magnificent switch center that regulates most aspects of our physiology. Even autonomic functions, though not consciously controlled, are still under the control of the brain, via the sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways.

Brain power can influence our health for good or for ill.

So it’s not surprising , therefore, that improving brain function is helpful to all manner of sicknesses. Full recoveries have been reported, using only the route. It’s a good idea for healthy people too!

In the past, we have had “positive thinking” as a round about way to try and make our brains work better. It has some success. Creative visualization is even better; quite amazing changes have been recorded. But even this is hit and miss.

Now we have the means to regulate the entire brain as a whole and improve it’s function and coordination. Not only that but we can subtly change consciousness levels, without needing to be skilled at meditation (and without needing many, many hours to meditate).

I’m talking about the use of electronic auditory and visual technology, which link together to provide what we call “Creative Visualization and Relaxation” (CVR).

There are devices available today which can bring the entire brain into coherence (both sides in harmony). Not only that, they can take a person down to alpha states in seconds and theta (deep trance and meditation) in just minutes.

These are powerfully relaxing states which have great healing and self growth potential. We all pass through theta on the way to and from sleep. Have you ever had your best ideas while lying in bed? That’s why!

Delta is even more powerful in a sense; delta is when we are unconscious or asleep. Like an anesthetic, delta enables a person to be free of pain. This CVR technology has been a boon to cancer sufferers.

This is what Dr. Lee Lipsenthal has to say. He’s an MD but himself a cancer sufferer:

“I have just finished six weeks of radiation therapy for my esophageal cancer. This treatment caused severe burning of my esophagus and stomach, leading to pain 24- 7.

“Suffering daily pain has been a game changer. Each moment, I am drawn from whatever I am focusing on (a task, a relationship or conversation) to my bodily discomfort. Burning and cramping interrupts every conversation. Every activity becomes a struggle. Every moment becomes about me. I no longer find it easy to “see outside of myself” and the world inside my thoughts. My empathy for others has faded; my ability to relate has suffered.

“My escapes from the pain have been narcotics and dissociation, (picturing my body as a separate entity, so that I can distance myself from the pain — a nice break). My meditation practice has been extraordinarily useful.

“I have also used an interesting technology for pain and anxiety management called The New Reality, PAL Device, which uses a combination of audio and visual stimulus to relieve pain and control anxiety…  I personally found it very useful to help me ‘relax’ into the pain I was experiencing. I was still able to empathize with others, and “see outside of myself,” mostly because I was feeling OK.”

The New Reality PAL device can change almost any state of mind or frame of reference into something better and more supportive. That covers just about everything from getting richer to pain management; giving up smoking to getting into The Zone; coping with cancer to finding new a better relationships…

Check out the PAL device (portable accelerated learning) on this website at:

I’m enjoying mine enormously. And I’m busy writing some FABULOUS tracks (programs) for you to get inspired by.



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