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Breaking News: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria as an “Urgent” Threat

I came across this article about antibiotic resistant bacteria and couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

Just yesterday Fox News reported a class of fast-growing killer bacteria classified as an urgent public-health threat.

According to a new report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 2 million people in the United States develop serious bacterial infections that are resistant to one or more types of antibiotics each year, and at least 23,000 die from the infections. 1

Modern antibiotics are not just failing big time; they are DANGEROUS.

We are seeing a steady increase in resistance rates and one reason for that is the over prescription of antibiotics, which causes the pathogens the opportunity to outwit the drugs that are ultimately used to treat them.

This diarrhea-causing superbug that is antibiotic-resistant is not only raising alarm in the US…

Last March the chief medical officer for England said antibiotic resistance poses a “catastrophic health threat”. That followed a report last year from the World Health Organization that found a “superbug” strain of gonorrhea had spread to several European countries.2

Threats of these superbugs that are drug-resistant are ranked into three categories – but they are also based on health impact factors such as the total number of cases, the ease on how they were transmitted and if there are effective antibiotics available for treatment.

    1. Urgent
    2. Severe
    3. Concerning

Over the last decade there has been a huge increase in “urgent” cases and even the strongest antibiotics are not effective against it.

My Thoughts…

I’ve been saying for several years now that The Golden Age Of Antibiotics Is Over.

We are all at risk now. However there are many great natural antibiotics that got eclipsed in the 1940s and 1950s. But they worked then and will work now and maybe one day could save your life…

It’s one of my pet sayings that the commonest cause of death is ignorance.

This is a topic on which you can’t afford to remain uneducated.

Antibiotics Kill – So Take Control of Your Health Today…

Lots of antibiotics kill. In my view it is unethical to prescribe them and you wouldn’t get any from me, unless the situation was already life-threatening. Even then, if it was me or my own family, I would rather rely on IV mega-doses of vitamin C than any antibiotic. 50- 100 gr. Of vitamin C is much more certain and quicker (works in an hour to two!) Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

The bottom line is nobody should be thinking “antibiotics”. We should be thinking of “alternatives”. And here’s the joke: there are 1,000s of viable alternatives. Hundreds of them work as well as antibiotics.

As I have mentioned, the Golden Age of Antibiotics is over. Bacteria have won the war, hands down, and that’s the truth.

Well, not quite. There are, as I said, hundreds of healthy, safe and EFFECTIVE alternative modalities of treatment. You need to learn about them and learn NOW, not when somebody is in bed with life-threatening pneumonia (non-hospital pneumonia, which is the 4th commonest cause of death in the UK; 6th commonest in the USA).

I suspect those of you who haven’t yet bought my eBook “How To Survive In A World Without Antibiotics” are still living in a dream world, thinking you are OK.

Infectious diseases can strike anywhere and move terrifyingly fast. We are going back to the old days, when bacterial infections can kill within hours.

Get the knowledge you need to stay safe and take care of your loved ones. Go here to learn what you need to know to SURVIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS.


1. & 2. Fox News Health, published Sept. 16, 2013

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