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Calm Seas and A Fair Wind Again!

I love these old nautical expressions. I musta been definitely a sailor in a past life somewhere! The dreaded things in the old days were, if you don’t know, rough seas near rocks (surf) and an adverse wind, meaning a wind that was blowing you where you did not want to go! You couldn’t sail straight into the wind like you can today, using engine power! The wind was a free resource to all but very capricious.

Anyway, before I get too poetic, let me tell you why I’m writing today… the main website is back up again. My team have been working like Trojans to fix things (come to think of it, that’s a kinda poetic expression too!)

The result is that, not only that we are back up, clean as a whistle, but THE WEBSITE LOOKS BETTER THAN EVER!

Hey, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. In this case we did harvest a bit of good out of the hacking: we got a chance to start again, with a fresh-looking website.

It’s still, not fully repaired. That will take WEEKS, as I said. But at least there is some function there, instead of ACCOUNT SUSPENDED notices.

Go take a look!

There you’ll find a nice new design. There’s the “Library of Wisdom”, now up to 34 pages of good stuff (over 300 articles), going right back to 2009 and beyond. Old favorites like “champagne is a whole food”!

Here’s a recommended piece from 2018:

Grow some more brain cells!

Thin your blood, so it flows like wine, not like ketchup! (why sticky blood kills)

You can go shopping for supplements from there too (the shop), on a completely different (never hacked) website:

Some links, I’m afraid are still blind alleys. Don’t bother with the Diet Wise Book dropdown, for example.

In any case, you can find the newest version of that book here:

It has been a very worrying time, of course. And we still don’t know the identity of the hackers, or their real motive. But it does look like we were not the only ones attacked on that particular server.

We are still working hard on the issues arising. But you should probably notice little or nothing wrong by next week—back to normal.

Thanks for your patience,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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