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Can Poor Dental Health Cause Cancer? Hidden Dangers Revealed

Yes, teeth can kill!

In medical terms, “energetic” means that a message or transmitter goes out to all parts of the body. Teeth can work like little batteries. This problem becomes more complicated when you remember that the brain is only a few millimeters away.

Sounds strange? Just wait…

Think Root Canal Fillings Are Safe?

Root canals can be a particular danger and many experienced holistic practitioners recommend removing them as part of a comprehensive anti-cancer program. A word of caution however: removing amalgams can be very dangerous and create a disastrous suppression of the immune system.

This is certainly a topic where conventional medicine, decades ago, stood right where alternative innovative dentists stand today. It’s starts with Dr. Frank Billings and his research publishing in 1914 showing that 95% of all focal infections in the body came from the teeth and tonsils.

Billing’s work in turn was found by Weston Price a brilliant holistic dentist of his day. Price was an advocate of healthy natural lifestyle and keynote nutrition; in every way he was a great thinker and a pioneer of values that we cherish today.

Price ultimately discovered through his dental practice that many chronic diseases originate from root canals.

There’s More on Dental Health: Dental X-rays Linked to Common Brain Tumor

Studies have also found that routine dental X-ray imaging creates radiation exposure and increases the risk of a commonly diagnosed brain tumor, called meningioma.

In the study published by the American Cancer Society journal Cancer, researchers examined data from more than 1400 patients who had been diagnosed with meningioma and compared those individuals to more than 1300 adults who were tumor-free.

Their findings– adults who developed brain tumors were more than twice as likely to say they had dental x-rays yearly.
Can Poor Dental Health Cause Cancer?

The World’s Most Feared Disease

I do not exaggerate.

In my groundbreaking book Cancer Research Secrets, I give you science backed ways to minimize the harsh impact of high-tech dentistry. You’ll discover the amazing story about “transmitting teeth,” that shows 95% of all focal infections come from teeth.

Root canals can create cancer, arthritis, kidney failure, and other dangerous chronic diseases.

Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence but it is a wake up call; it says you need to act fast to protect your health.

Cancer is survivable and you need to be aware that all degenerative diseases occur from the teeth.

Toxic dentistry is just one of the MANY topics I discuss in my book Cancer Research Secrets. I’ve put this book together to help you understand what to do to take charge of your dental health and arm you with effective holistic anti-cancer options:

  • Discover the protocols and treatments to avoid at all costs
  • An herb that beats chemo!
  • Key homeopathic anti-cancer treatments that work
  • Enzyme based therapies and much more….

I have compiled a powerful and comprehensive 259 page book of cancer cures that work, and those which don’t. You need to get your copy NOW, before trouble strikes.

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