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Cancer Causes Within Your Power to Prevent or Reverse

In our modern, highly toxic world, it seems there are too many possible causes of cancer to protect yourself against.  There are pollutants and cancer-causing carcinogens all around us – in the soil, water, and air – and the “people in power” appear to be making things steadily worse.

You must control what you can and limit as much of what you can’t as possible.  You have a lot more power than you realize to safeguard your body from all forms of disease.  It’s all a matter of applying what you know (sometimes subconsciously) to building up your body’s natural immune system (your internal army) to lower your overall disease risk.

The main causes of cancer that everyone points the finger at are tobacco (lung cancer) and the sun (skin cancer) but there are many cancers that have nothing to do with these two culprits.

Staying Well in a Sick World

Mankind is sick and getting sicker.  A great deal of it is self-inflicted.

With all our technology, antibiotic resistant infections are terrifyingly common.  Bacteria are evolving faster than our medicines can keep up.  A new strain of influenza strikes millions around the globe every year so another “flu vaccine” is developed, and another, and another.

Despite almost five decades of “heart healthy” changes that stripped our diet of healthy fats and replaced them with fake garbage like margarine and hydrogenated vegetable oils, heart disease remains the #1 killer in the world.

Market shelves are filled with products using synthetic ingredients that your body cannot use, doesn’t know how to process, and haven’t been proven to not cause cancer (artificial sweeteners, chemical by-product emulsifiers, and soy fillers to name a few).  Even with the walks for cures and all the marketing with pink, cancer remains the #2 killer in the world.

The medical community continues to push grains, grains, grains while food manufacturers and fast food companies load everything you eat and drink with sugar on top of more sugar.  You’re getting far more carbohydrates than your body can handle, which is leading to obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.  Even with the “fit” celebrity workouts, miracle diet pills, and crazy eating fads, two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese and diabetes remains the #7 killer in the United States.

Of course, everyone talks about “cutting-edge technology” or “ground-breaking studies” or how “this or that will change everything.”  Fast food chains release a “light and healthy” menu as if their other addictive products aren’t still packing on the pounds.

Simple techniques and changes that will drastically improve your immune system and help lower your exposure to pollutants that are causes of cancer, heart disease, and so much more. Click here to learn more...

There are few results.

It’s difficult to find facts in all the hype that surrounds us but the facts are out there.  Not only are there many common sense solutions that are easy to learn and implement, brilliant people around the world are making fascinating new discoveries every day.

To stop what causes cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and so much more is about starting from the inside out.  It’s the only way to prevent (or beat) disease.

Admittedly, it isn’t always fun.  It requires thought, planning, and focus.

Making Your Immunity Army Powerful

For years, researchers have focused on the human immune system and the role it plays in the development of cancer (and every other disease we currently face).  Scientists are actively searching for ways to trigger the immune system to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Historically, the immune system’s inability to recognize cancer cells as bodies that need to be attacked and destroyed has been a hurdle medical science has attempted to overcome.

If the body recognizes cancer cells (or bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi, or toxins), it is supposed to fight them, destroy them, and neutralize the threat.

This is a basic concept that applies to all your organs and disease risk.  Every second of every day, your immune system is working.  It is eliminating damaged cells, making new ones, and cleaning up the messes happening inside you from everything you may be exposed to throughout your daily life.

Your immune system is the core of your health.

Without it, such as when you develop an autoimmune disease (where the body attacks itself) or your immune system becomes compromised (where the body cannot fight any foreign invaders), you become very sick, very quickly.

If you’re a person bogged down with toxins – from your diet, lifestyle habits, or profession – then your immune is working even harder than it’s supposed to!  This is called toxic burden or body burden and it essentially means your immune system is so overworked, overwhelmed, and exhausted that it’s starting to fail at its’ job.

There is very little that can be done by individuals to guard against toxins in their outside environment.  However, there’s plenty you can do to strengthen your cells and protect the “temple” of your body – your inside environment.

The simplest solutions are (very often) the most effective and there are 5 areas that too many people (particularly in developed nations) are overlooking.

  1. Sleep – getting too little breaks your immune system down over time (sleep is when it recharges and repairs) and drastically increases your disease risk.
  2. Diet – ditch the garbage because it’s not doing anything positive for you (the prepackaged foods, the drive-thru windows, the sugary drinks)
  3. Exercise – moving for 15 minutes a day (even low-impact forms) helps to stimulate your lymph system (the backbone of your immunity) and flush toxins.
  4. Stress – this one is consistently ignored and yet, becoming an epidemic in our fast-paced world…you must control your exposure to stress!
  5. Habits – these are the ones everyone knows (tobacco, excess alcohol, drug use, tanning beds, etc) but still engage in…so kick these “bad guys” out of your life!

Each of these simple techniques and changes will drastically improve your immune system and help lower your exposure to pollutants that cause cancer, heart disease, and so much more.

Break them down into workable pieces!

In the coming month, work on getting one of these under control in some way.  Get more sleep or move more every day.  The following month, focus on getting rid of fast food or meditating to control stress.  Continue, every month, until you tackle the biggest disease-causing problems in your personal life.

Over time, you’ll see incredible results and in less than six months, your immune system could be invigorated and ready to take on every foreign invader inside you!

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