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Cancer Cure Success Rate

Interview by film director Marcus Freudenmann (Cancer Is Curable NOW)

Just a day after my return I was interviewed by Kevin Gianni from the Renegade Health Show for the international cancer summit. (I will tell you about this cancer summit in a later newsletter) In this interview Kevin asked me about the success rate of certain treatments and if the doctors or clinics we have visited, had given us some insights on long term success.

Inspired by this question I thought to elaborate on this subject today. It is ridiculous that we think that doctors can give us a warranty.

Imagine you drive your car on rough terrain  without checking the tire pressure, cooling water, air filters, oil filters, breaking fluid or anything else. You are in a bad mood and show that in your driving style, You are generally in a rush and don’t have time to cool down. And on top of that you drive with low quality fuel, old oil and a leaking old battery.

Then the car breaks down. Steam from under the hood and you are devastated.



So you run to the car mechanic and ask him to fix the damage.

“But please hurry. I have very little time”

Most of the doctors we have met on our journey are like the car mechanic.

You bring your broken vehicle to them and give them the shortest possible time to fix the damage.“And by the way…. would you please try to keep the repair cost as low as possible?”

The first thing most of these body mechanics do, after a thorough inspection, is to hook you to the drip and replenish all the deficiencies. Amino Acids, Vitamins, Glutathione, Zinc, Selenium, Minerals and SUPER QUALITY NUTRIENTS need to be restored and filled to optimum levels.

Then they clean out all your filters by detoxifying your kidneys, liver and intestines. All the toxins, which block the system need to be removed through chelation, enemas, colonic, FIR sauna and ozone treatments. When all this is done they can attend the damage.

The big difference here is that a doctor can rely on the body to help with the healing. If all the conditions are perfect the body will do the rest.

And now you ask for the REPAIR WARRANTY.

How ridiculous is that. How can a doctor guarantee that nothing will go wrong in your body? You can drive out of the clinic and run into a wall. You can continue your stressful journey and not once care to fill in good fuel or oils. You can run over bumps and through ditches in the pursuit of your goals and never take the time to rest or actually enjoy the ride.

In a very short time you can run the car back into the state it was before the repair and no doctor in the world will ever be able to guarantee a successful cure.

That’s why we have chosen the subtitle of the movie to be :

However is is not cured with medicine or drugs, but with KNOWLEDGE

Most of the clinics we have visited provide NON STOP EDUCATION for their patients/drivers. They have workshops, seminars, talks, presentations, slideshows ……… to teach a patient HOW TO TAKE CARE of their vehicles. They teach them how to replenish deficiencies, choose the best fuel, clean out filters and everything else which keeps their car running.

This knowledge will guarantee that the car will drive and drive and drive as long as it’s possible. This knowledge is the warranty that nothing major will happen.

If you have watched CANCER is curable NOW, you know that all the mandatory treatments  in chapter 5, are in essence all the knowledge you need to keep your car running as smooth as it can be.

This information is needed to prevent and cure all degenerative diseases.

The attitude of the driver makes the difference.

Take a few table spoons of sugar and fill them into the fuel tank of your car. In no time you car will die and the engine is dead. Exactly the same happens when you feed cancer with sugar. If you eat sugar in any form your cancer explodes and your body breaks down.

Do you think it’s possible for a doctor to guarantee that you as a patient won’t eat anything which is converted into sugar. Pasta, bread, rice, buns, muffins, sweets, and so on? Certainly not!

But he can guarantee that the patient knows what he/she is doing. With knowledge and understanding of the bodies requirements the ATTITUDE of the person can be changed. By inducing joy for life and passion for a cause he can change and alter the attitude of a patient to take charge of their own recovery and well being.

This is true healing.

Kind regards

Marcus Freudenmann

Get Marcus’s brilliant “Cancer Is Curable NOW” documentary film! Preview here:
Cancer Is Curable NOW!


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