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Cancer Overdiagnosis

What’s worse than being you’ve got cancer and you are at risk?

Well, possibly being TOLD YOU’VE GOT CANCER WHEN YOU HAVEN’T. That
also puts you at appalling risk. You’ll be given deadly chemo,
which can wipe out the immune system, throw up, diarrhea, lose your
hair… and it was all unnecessary. Just a bit of fast fraud by the

Now they are calling it “overdiagnosis” of cancer. I don’t mince
words: I call it crime.

I have reported several times in my newsletter and blogs that I
have discovered cases of fraudulent diagnosis of cancer. I also
made a point of repeating this accusation in my paradigm-book
“Cancer Confidential”, which EVERYONE should read.

Patients are being biopsied and told they have cancer when they
don’t. They are pressured to start chemo, at vast expense and very
rewarding for the oncologist. But it is not in the patients
interest and could potentially kill an otherwise healthy individual
(I almost wrote “patient” but such a person would a “victim” of
crime, rather than a medical patient).

I would guess half of you, even though you respect my writing,
didn’t really believe this outrageous claim.

Well, you had better believe it now! The April 22, 2010, online
edition of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in the USA
has published a review showing that up to 25% of breast and 50% of
lung “cancers” and a staggering 60% of prostate cancers are an
illusion. The patient is started on treatment, costing anything up
to half a million dollars (great for the oncologist), but there was
nothing wrong and NO THREAT.

Given that some patients will succumb and die under the toxic
effects of chemo, I call this murder, plain and simple.

As I said, it’s been going on for years. Now the really shocking
part is that it’s in full view, reported in a peer reviewed
journal, yet no-one has been indicted or gone to jail, or even had
their licenses suspended, pending investigation.

This can be considered “business as normal” for the cancer
industry. Remember it’s there to make money for the doctors and
drug companies; it is NOT there to save patients’ lives. It’s a
criminal fraternity that preys on people in the name of bogus

Doctors and healers with a better, safer, more holistic approach
are persecuted and jailed while these murdering villains are
allowed to go free, reaping the rich rewards from human suffering,
while claiming to be physicians. It’s a travesty.

In Cancer Confidential I published proof positive (a 2009 Swedish
study) that cancers will heal naturally, if doctors will only leave
well alone. Medical intervention, on the other hand, can be a death

Be clear: the Big C movie is coming, some day, to a movie cinema
very near you. 50% of people now get cancer, which means you or a
loved one are facing the gloomy diagnosis. Your only way to survive
is to know what you are doing, to protect yourself and your family.
For that you need unbiased but scientific knowledge.

That’s where the Cancer Confidential report comes in. I’ve been at
the top of the holistic tree for 40 years, using and teaching
people better ways to survive than drugs, scalpels and radiation.
But I have maintained my scientific integrity and can report what
works and what doesn’t, based on good science, not folk lore or

Cancer Confidential is a report I created just for you, to tell you
what cancer means and all the many, proven, ways to attack this
most-feared disease. It’s been said that cancer is easy to cure, if
you tackle it early enough and go about it the right way.

But you are at severe risk unless you are knowledgeable, not just
from the disease but from the crooked medical fraternity, which has
been called by some the “Cancer Mafia” (unfair to mobsters, who
kill only the people they don’t like, not everyone who comes in
through the door?)

A new printed hard copy version is available now: specially
printed, bound and mailed to you, for a cost of $49.00, no shipping
(we take care of that).

If you have been waiting for a “real book”. Now is the time, while
shipping is free.

Go here:

If you want the report and don’t mind reading a digital download
(there is also a bonus printer-friendly version if you want to do
it yourself), that’s only $37.00. There is no shipping, of course, on a
digital eBook.

For that, follow this link:

If you’ve never heard of the acclaimed “Cancer Confidential” report
and want to know more, go here:

I urge you to get the data now, don’t wait till somebody is in
danger. This is a report that will last for years and you get
continuous and free updates, all part of the service!



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