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Careful Of Those Dangerous Nutrients Warns Alzheimer’s Association!

Anyone who hasn’t realized that the Alzheimer’s Association is a drug industry shill, there to push worthless drugs like Aricept, just isn’t cynical enough for today’s world!

They hate nutritional therapy. In Sri Lanka, I was blocked from addressing an AA meeting, once they knew I was to talk about vital nutrition.

Now patients are warned about a daily drink combining several nutrients which may help people with early Alzheimer’s disease improve their memory, according to a new study.

Of course the Alzheimer’s Association attacked it. “More research is needed before such a deadly drink could be made available to the public. And, even then, consumers should exercise caution,” said William Thies, vice president for medical and scientific affairs at the Alzheimer’s Association!

As Alzheimer’s progresses, patients lose their memory as synapses (connections between brain cells) deteriorate, according to background information included in the study. The new drink, called Souvenaid, may actually stimulate the growth of new synapses, said the drink’s inventor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist Dr. Richard Wurtman.

Nutricia, a division of Dannon, the food people, sponsored the study. MIT has a patent on Souvenaid, and Nutricia has the exclusive license on the patent.

So of course they are excited about it. Imagine getting a patent on Nature’s healthy molecules!

For the new study, nearly 260 early Alzheimer’s patients in Europe drank either Souvenaid or a placebo for six months. During the first three months of the study, patients in both groups showed improved memory. After that, however, patients taking the placebo had a decline in memory. In contrast, patients taking Souvenaid continued to show improved memory on tests used to assess Alzheimer’s patients.

William Thies, is understandably very upset with the idea of anyone getting help with their Alzheimer’s. He attacks Souvenaid with all the usual cunning and B*S*

“Medical foods do not have a requirement for FDA premarket approval, but they do have a requirement for having a scientific foundation and some evidence of efficacy,” he is quick to point out. “But they don’t have the kind of data we would find for a medication.”

Actually, they do, Thies. They have far better science than 95% of drugs Big Pharma peddles, even though there was a money-interest from the sponsors Dannon.

In addition, medical foods for Alzheimer’s most likely won’t be covered by insurance, Thies said slyly. These guys…


So what’s in Souvenaid? The drink combines three ingredients: choline, uridine and omega-3 fatty acids.

You don’t need it. Choline is a B vitamin found in meats, nuts and eggs, and omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, eggs, flaxseed and meat from grass-fed animals. Uridine, which is produced by the liver and kidneys, is also found in some foods as a part of RNA, which helps make protein in the body.

Omega-3s are readily available, from flaxeed oil, krill oil, etc. The very best source by far is… (surprise!) grass-fed beef.

If you or someone is developing warnings of dementia, let me tell you the best I know: it’s a mushroom called Hericium erinaceus. It contains a nerve growth factor and can regrow neurons and synapses.

I wrote about it in my fantastic anti-aging book “How to Live Beyond 100 Years”. Read more here.

[SOURCE: July 10, 2012, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, online]

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