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Connectedness Workshop Saturday

I’m back from the UK and promised to start up regular workshops for those of you in the New Thought Horizons program. I’m also extending this invitation to those who joined me as members in the recent Science Of Being And Consciousness series. If you read my email of yesterday, you’ll realize that–due to technical difficulties–I couldn’t sort my lists and so you ALL have a unique chance to join in, without being part of either program AND IT’S FREE.

I have set the date and time for the first of these workshops as Saturday, 13th October. Since I am back in California, I’ll be on Pacific time (PDT) and I feel that 10.00 am PDT will cover the most people live (those in Oz and New Zealand will have to listen to the recording).

The first discussion will be a huge one: Connectedness and my contention that, if everything is connected, as the gurus say, then you are part of the Nazi party, remote galaxies, time past, time future, people you have never met, tribes around the globe, Ancient Greece, Atlantis, space aliens out there…

Wow! That would be a huge concept and almost terrifying to live with. Do they really mean EVERYTHING is connected?

How can that be?

Let me walk you through some of the most exciting discoveries of recent years and how it is all beginning to pan out. I promise you that—far form being overwhelming—it’s the most inspiring concept of all.

It’s new scripture in the making!!


Title: New Thought Horizons Workshop

Time: Saturday, October 13th at 10:00am Pacific (1.00pm EST, 6.00pm UK)

Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

To attend, visit:

Phone In Number: (206) 402-0100

Pin Code for Phone In: 633162#

Make sure you take time out to attend live! Recordings are great but I don’t want to be talking to the ether. I want real people on the call!!

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