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COVID: Where Do We Go From Here?

If you are in a hurry and don’t want the speculation, jump straight to the What To Do section below…

Either governments come to their senses, and economies MUST be restarted soon. Or we are on a (short) path to global destruction.

At a guess, I would say over 90% of the population smell a rat. We can sense there is something wrong with the official narrative. If that is the case, we are certainly being softened up for a global clampdown that will never be lifted. 

SCENARIO 1. There is a power elite who want the world population as their slaves. The tragic part of the story is that an amazing proportion of ordinary people want it too; they seem to BELIEVE the lies we are being force fed. They run and hide in the bushes when someone walking free passes by. They scowl and snarl when someone isn’t wearing a mask. They blister on the Internet, attacking the crazy fools who say, “The figures are being overblown for some unknown sinister purpose”.

People need to be made to behave properly is their stance!

I know a qualified nurse, who is also a professor at a nearby college, who doesn’t want to even question the official narrative. It’s all true, she says. People are dying like flies of COVID-19.

I don’t deny that people are dying of COVID-19. People die of flu and the common cold every year. But the numbers?

The stark fact remains the official pandemic figures are being continuously forged. No proof is required that a death was genuinely due to COVID-19. Pure opinion will do: the WHO and CDC enforce that! Doctors are coached on what to put on a death certificate. This is not just mischief and incompetence—somebody WANTS the figures to be bumped upwards.

So the deaths and cases are NOT factually soaring: in truth, we don’t really know what they are doing. All that is certain is that many, if not most, of the reported deaths are NOT anything beyond normal figures.

SCENARIO 2. Despite the obvious intent of demented world president Bill Gates, properly elected leaders will begin to act in concert and start freeing the people they were elected to look after. 

I hope this is so. I want to believe this is so. But only a fool would ignore the obvious threat. Just before World War Two, Winston Churchill was warning Britain and the world of the growing threat of Nazism: That if the Nazis prevailed, “the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.”*

The twist of “perverted science” carries particular energies at this time.

What happened? Churchill was attacked and almost destroyed by complacent leaders, many of who thought they would be able to grab a soft seat for themselves at or near the head of the table (ex-King Edward the VIII and his American doxey Wallis Simpson, the Mitford sisters—notably Unity and Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire—Sir Oswald Mosely and Lord Rothermere, the owner of the Daily Mail in the 1930s, among many other elite in the British Establishment).1

Ex-King Edward with Wallis Simpson. He was a Nazi sympathizer and the pair went to visit Hitler in his Berghof retreat in Bavaria, much to the annoyance of Winston Churchill

Presumably the techno-elite, the heads of Google, YouTube and Mark Zuckerberg, who are censoring free speech and taking down anyone questioning the official story, also have that comfortable thought for themselves. 

Being ignorant fools, they probably do not know of the original “night of the long knives”, in which Hitler had all those supporters who brought him to power taken out into the forest and shot! Among some 400 individuals liquidated was a priest who had helped Hitler to write Mein Kampf. By some estimates, over 1,000 individuals were never seen again.2

Anyway, back to SCENARIO 2. We are soon to be freed. What’s to be done?

Unfortunately, despite the bluster of science (perverted science, as Churchill called it), everything has been done backwards. Instead of being exposed to the virus and allowed to develop natural immunity, as happens every year, we now have a vast pool of millions of susceptible and never-infected people.

Figures could genuinely soar. I mean it. Nature has been kept out of the process of conquering this virus. Not good.

What To Do

You need to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. So let me share some need-to-know knowledge. Get ready with real science and proper safety techniques behind you.

1. Get yourself a cupboard full of vitamin C. Take 2 – 10 grams a day, till the whole of COVID-19 is history. If, God forbid, anyone in your household becomes sick, give them more. A safe way to do that is with my Dr. Keith’s Own special “Super C”, which is formulated so that patients can tolerate quite high doses, with diarrhea or discomfort. In an emergency, it’s possible to take up to 25 grams daily (5 scoops), in divided doses, about 3 hours apart.

Find it here.

2. Have molecular hydrogen available. It’s a super anti-oxidant and will have you back on your feet in no time.

Go here.

3. If you are lucky, get yourself some Quinton Marine Plasma. This is one of the most brilliant pharmaceuticals EVER (from the 19th century, long before German Big Pharma). Before antibiotics, it was one of the most wonderful healing substances, that was able to save millions of lives in a time of tuberculosis, syphilis, typhoid, cholera and other murderous infectious diseases. It was in the official French pharmacopeia for over 70 years, till Big Pharma had it removed in the 1970s. But they have failed to suppress it. It’s still available. The US importer is my friend Robert Slovak. BUT… we are sold out! The demand has been so great among the people who know how good this stuff is.

Nevertheless, I recommend that you pre-order yourself a box (maybe 2 boxes) of ampoules. It should be available once again, late May or June. Read more about this amazing substance here:

Here’s the link.

4. Homeopathics. Get yourself a small tube of Gelsemium 30C, Aconite 30C and Bryonia 30C. Keep them handy. These are only about $10 a piece and had a miraculous history in the time of Spanish Flu (1918). Those taking homeopathic remedies almost all survived.

I know COVID-19 isn’t influenza (it’s actually far milder than the 1918 pandemic). But we don’t do homeopathy by the germs; we do it by the presentation (main symptoms).

That’s enough for this week. Let’s talk more about general immunity next week.

I hope you enjoyed the history bit!

Stay safe.

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Official Alternative Doctor

*On his 80th birthday, the wily old master orator Churchill hit yet another emotional and engaging note, when he said: “It was the nation and race dwelling all round the globe that had the lion heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar.”




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