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Discover the Only Anti-Aging & Pain Management Techniques Workshop of It’s Kind!



3 Day Micro-Current Therapy Anti-Aging and Pain Management Techniques Workshop {Reserve Now}

September 8th -10th, Las Vegas, Nevada

Once a year Dr. Keith and his lovely wife Vivien host a special in-person three-day event at their home that they lovingly call the Sanctuary in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Attending this superb micro-current therapy workshop event run by world-class masters John and Lorraine Hache, is one of the best ways to get away and learn the latest groundbreaking pain management techniques and anti-aging cosmetic procedures.

The Future of Healing & Anti-Aging Beauty Is Now

“We have room to accommodate a whole classroom full of enthusiasts! We’re excited for you to attend. You’ll be entranced and enlightened by the visit. These workshops breathe fresh life into pain management and anti-aging cosmetology techniques. At the end of the three days you’ll be fully armed with little-known groundbreaking medical and healing knowledge to die for.” – Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby


The Sanctuary classroom ready and waiting for you!

Unless you have been the victim of an alien abduction for the last 5 years, you will know that micro-current therapy has arrived BIG TIME! What began in the late 1990s with what Dr. Keith introduced as “Star Trek” medicine, using the Russian SCENAR family of devices, has now grown into a total medical revolution.

The FDA even approves these devices for injuries and pain management. The march of progress is slowly swelling into a complete revolution!

Even orthodox medicine is now embracing this important breakthrough.

March 2015, Scientific American carried a cover story describing the new micro-current healing modality as “medicine’s greatest revolution.”

Here’s the first important micro-current therapy expert webinar in the series, Medicine’s Greatest Revolution: “How to Relieve Pain & Traumatic Injury” video now.

Here’s another short video to show you the power of micro-current therapy, helped 12 year old Kaija whose pain was so bad it made her sick to her stomach. Click here to watch >>

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Discover the 3-Day Intensive Workshop

To teach you about this amazing approach to health, aging and beauty, my MCT expert friends, Lorraine and John Haché, from Pacific Health Options, in Vancouver, Canada are an essential part of this workshop. Without them it wouldn’t be possible.

For those of you who have a device, such as a SCENAR, Avazzia, Enart, DiaDens, Ezzi-Lift and so on—or even if you are thinking of getting one, this workshop is ideal for you.

Even if you don’t know about these devices, John and Lorraine Hache and I will teach you everything you need to know about the power of micro-current therapy.


2 MD’s, 1 Nurse Practitioner and 2 Nurse Assistants participate in learning to treat this lady’s knee using Micro-Current Therapy – Community Health Center – Lubbock, Texas

You will vastly increase your clinical skills. You will become an accomplished healing professional, using a very powerful technology.

Among the many subjects engaged in are:

  • The correct frequencies and settings to get the best results
  • WHERE to apply the device for maximum impact
  • Addressing various medical issues, such as inflammation, pain (all pain is inflammation anyway), injuries, scar tissue (which disrupts the body’s signaling system) and even face lifts and wrinkles (see below)
  • The clever use of different attachments and adaptors
  • Pets and animals (great results here)

Even if you are just curious we welcome you to join us! This is not just for practitioners.

Some want their chronic health problems addressed (we’ve seen miracles in the space of half an hour!) and you can come along too.

But don’t be surprised if you get bitten by the bug and go home with a device for yourself.

John Hache and Dr. Keith have been saying for years that EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE!

Now what about the future of beauty?

Wrapped into the 3-day super-training is the anti-aging facial rejuvenation module. MCT can give you a facelift at the cellular level. You’ll learn how to use micro-current devices for cosmetology purposes.

This is especially valuable if you just bought yourself an Ezzi-Lift device. You’ll learn how to use it really well…

The facial rejuvenation results using micro-current therapy are unlike anything ever seen before. I want to emphasize that THIS treatment, unlike is Botox®, is completely reversible. It is what nature would want you to do, which is tone up your facial muscles.

If you are concerned about aging and don’t want the death-mask of Botox® or to sludge in concrete “fillers”, then this is going to fascinate you!

With micro-current therapy we tone up the facial muscles, restoring them to pristine firmness. Hey presto: your old looks re-appear. Sagging is gone, lines and wrinkles reduced or gone, because your face is being actively formed into what it once was, before all that drooping got started!

It’s simple and painless.

Microcurrent therapy means just that: a tiny electrical current, that your body responds to but is not an electrical shock!

If you don’t know anything about this cutting-edge beauty tool, I urge you to watch the No More Botox: The Future of Anti-Aging Beauty Webinar now.

Here are stunning before and after pictures of a lady, showing the amazing transformation coming from just a few brief applications of the Ezzi-Lift:


And another one, just to drive home the point:


Come and discover the unlimited potential using the amazing Ezzi-Lift or it cousin instruments the Avazzia Life or Avazzia Pro or any MCT device you may already own, such as a SCENAR, ENART, DIA-DENS, ETC.

*******LIMITED TIME ONLY*********

This custom, hands-on experience is available on a first come, first serve basis. Snag your spot before someone else does!


Full 3-Day Workshop September 8th – 10th

Come be our guest at our lovely Sanctuary in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Best of all if you change your mind, it’s fully refundable for 20 Days, so no reason to hold back!

The cost of $495 includes the 3 Day Workshop, lunch, teas, coffee and transportation to and from hotels and our Sanctuary will be arranged. Airfare and hotel accommodations are not included, but we will provide you with our recommendations upon order confirmation.

We’re excited to have you join us!

Once you’re enrolled, you’ll receive all the details along with Vivien’s contact information. She’ll handle the needed arrangements directly with you.

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