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DNA Typing To Choose Your Best Weight Loss Plan

Here’s a big step forward in dieting technique.

Ever wonder why some people seem to lose weight easily and yet others, on exactly the same regimen, don’t seem to be able to lose at all?

The answer always was that people are different.

But to understand just how different, we need modern science, especially an understanding of DNA variability.

Everyone knows, or thinks they know, about DNA and genes. What few people, including doctors, seem to understand is that genes are not fixed but subject to tiny variations called single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs for short (pronounced SNIPs).

These little variations affect the expression of the gene, so that sometimes it doesn’t really manifest properly. If that happens to be a gene connected with how food is processed in the body, you will quickly realize that SNPs may markedly alter how a person responds to a reducing diet.

And so it is.

Read more about a fascinating study that sheds new light on dieting that works, here on my web page:

DNA dieting smart

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