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Do Antibiotics For MRSA Actually Work?

I keep hitting the topic of antibiotics for MRSA and the fact that people need to get educated on antibiotic resistance.

You’ve heard of MRSA, everyone has heard of MRSA. But did you know it now kills more people than AIDS and is gaining ground fast?

It doesn’t require unusual sexual practices to spread; with the latest strain you can literally inhale it at your local club or supermarket. Many people did so and died rapidly as a result.

You probably know that one of the reasons we have antibiotic resistant bacteria threatening our very lives is that these wonder drugs have been overused. Doctors are partly to blame.

But did you know that the MAIN problem comes from farmers abusing antibiotics, administering them to livestock to keep them “healthy” while raising animals in cruel and unhygienic conditions?

This continuous feeding of antibiotics naturally creates resistant bacteria, which come to us in our food and so the problem is spread widely and uncontrollably.

Yes, doctors don’t take enough care in what they prescribe. But agriculture and the farming “industry” is probably the biggest culprit and the one that threatens your children the most. 70% of all antibiotics in the USA, for example, are fed to healthy chickens,pigs and cattle.

Unquestionably, sensible people don’t want to use antibiotics at all. So we should use other remedies first and only fall back on antibiotics when the threat is very serious.
Antibiotics for MRSA Infographic
Several months ago, Johns Hopkins School of medicine released a shocking report on the state of ignorance of this deadly issue. You won’t believe what they found!

The study authors conducted interviews with 100 parents (and other caregivers) of children hospitalized with new or established MRSA. Some of the children were symptom-free carriers who were hospitalized for other reasons, while others had active MRSA infections.

The researchers found that 18 of the parents had never heard of MRSA. That’s almost 20%!

29 of the parents said they didn’t know their child had MRSA. That’s almost a third!

20 of those children had been diagnosed with MRSA in hospital previously, yet their parents said they didn’t know about it. They were not told.

I mean, how bad does it get?

Of the remaining 71 parents who had been told of their child’s MRSA, 63 (89%) had concerns; 55 (77%) worried about subsequent MRSA infections; 36 (50%) worried about their child spreading MRSA to others; and 11 (16%) believed their child’s MRSA diagnosis would cause them to be shunned by friends and classmates.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Ignorance is the leading cause of death. People die who should not, because they give up responsibility for their health to doctors and think that means it’s all taken care of.

No-one can afford to be in ignorance of antibiotic resistance and what alternatives exist. It could cost you your life or that of a loved one.

Find out how my report covers EVERYTHING you need to know, from soapy water and drawing salves, through scores of fine natural remedies, to an array of PROVEN herbs and oils, to sophisticated modern devices that can blast microbes to smithereens, without harming a single cell in your body.

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