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Do Mold Allergies Really Make Her Nose Twitch When It’s Going to Rain?!

Is it just a silly superstition? When it’s going to rain, Grandma often said she knew ahead of time, because her nose twitched.

mold allergy Actually, there is surprising science behind that claim! When rain is imminent atmospheric pressure drops and molds release their spores, to be carried on the wind and so land in suitable damp conditions.

Anyone allergic to molds (which is very common, I have found), may get a nasal mucosa reaction and at the very least feel a nasal irritation or a twitch. In full blown cases, it may cause sneezing.

You probably couldn’t make up some of the stuff I have learned in my long career. This is just another example where, if you keep your eye on the science—I mean if you really KNOW your science—then things start to make sense.

Back in the late 1970s, early 80s, we began to discover cases who had terrible problems with thrush (Candida), yeasts and molds. It was an inevitable fall out from years of antibiotic overuse.

I learned that people infected with Candida suffer a quartet of symptoms, which I called my “awesome foursome”:

  1. Alcohol intolerance
  2. Bloating
  3. Sugar cravings
  4. Chemical sensitivity

I can also tell you these cases suffered a great deal with brain fog or “woolly brain syndrome” and fatigue. In fact the symptoms were just like dosing on a “Mickey Finn” and that’s exactly what such a patient is doing, as I explain in my latest eBook.

It’s actually a re-write of the Yeast and Candida Superhighway piece and I have re-titled it “Are You A Moldy Patient?”

Moldy patient is a term I coined back in the 1980s to describe someone with a lot of problems related to Candida, yeast and molds.

This is a vital aspect of health learning and something you need to know and understand. There is an awful lot of myth and just plain nonsense out there on the Internet, peddled by ignorant amateurs who have never been involved in clinical practice but want to make a quick dollar.

I can tell you I was one of the great pioneers of this field and have over 30 years experience in dealing with it. You owe it to yourself to get the real story from someone really in the know.

You can learn more about this important education project by slipping over to this page and reading about how I solve the problems caused by yeast, candida, and mold allergies at the Yeast Doctor Speaks.

I ask intelligent questions and give sensible, comprehensive answers, in this latest eBook.


Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

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