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Do You Like Riddles

Do you like riddles? Try this one!

I’m good for cancer and heart disease;

inflammation and digestive ease,

After exercise too, yes please!…

What am I?

Wobenzym™, of course!

There are many enzymes in biology, indeed a dazzling array for every function of the cell. Enzymes make important chemical reactions occur at body temperature, which otherwise might need heat.

But here we mean digestive enzymes or their equivalent. Bromelain (from pineapple) and papain (from papaya) are able to digest proteins and other complex biological molecules, safely and effectively. Why is this important?

Most tumours and cancer cells are covered by a sticky resistant mucous/protein coating, which makes them safe from immune cells and even protects them to a degree, from chemotherapy. We can use a mixture of enzymes to dissolve away this protective coat, leaving the cancer cell naked and vulnerable. It can then be poisoned and quickly gobbled up by the body’s defences. It even makes chemo work better, because the drug can get at the cancerous cells.

There are many enzymes replacement products on the market. Look for preoteolytic enzyme (trypsin) or pancreas-type names (Pancreatin, or such), or even pancreas extract. The best by far is the German product Wobenzym™, by Mucos-Pharma. As a proprietary product, it tends to be expensive. Simpler and more affordable substitutes are bromelain and papain, from the pineapple and papaya (pawpaw). These both have powerful digestive properties. Wobenzym™ contains bromelain, papain, as well as trypsin, chymotrypsin and pancreas extract.

Enzyme mixtures of this sort cool inflammation and so they also have a use against heart disease and blood clotting disorders, arthritis, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disorders. Alternative doctors will take an enzyme formula after sports exertion, to curb the aches and pains (which are also largely inflammatory in nature).

A typical dose regime for Wobenzym™ would be 4- 8 capsules a day. Those battling cancer need more, say 12- 20 capsules a day. Take them well away from food, so the enzyme are not wasted digesting your cookies!

Quick test: put Wobenzym™ in the mouth and hold it for a half a minute. You’ll find it starts to digest your tongue – swallow and rinse well. No other product does this and shows just how powerful a digester Wobenzym™ is.


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