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Does Your Body Need Human Growth Hormone?

You may have heard of Human Growth Hormone or HGH.

The majority of us have gleaned our knowledge of this compound from the world of sports. Athletes have been caught illegally taking these supplements in order to enhance their physical performance in their competitive sport of choice.

It seems every variety of sport – bodybuilding, baseball, cycling, and etctera – has experienced their very own “cheating” scandal. The penalties can be severe, ranging from fines to stripped championships to lifetime bans forbidding the user from ever competing again.

HGH – Beyond the Sports Industry

Discovered by scientists in the 1920s, Human Growth Hormone is a naturally occurring substance produced by your body’s pituitary gland. It is an important part of your body’s healing and recovery process.

Without it, your body would not develop correctly. You would be stunted in height and your bones would not grow properly. HGH aids your muscles in repairing themselves after injuries or intense workouts.

Your body has a built-in gauge that determines whether you need more or less HGH production. Like any complex machine, the human body sometimes breaks down.

Who Needs Human Growth Hormone?

Individuals whose bodies have stopped producing adequate quantities of HGH may require prescribed doses to supplement.

In a study conducted by James Madison University on children diagnosed with Achondroplasia (Pituitary Dwarfism), use of Human Growth Hormone showed an increase in height of seven or more inches over two years. These increases enable more physically capable lives which has a positive impact on overall mental and emotional well-being.

A 1990 study conducted at the Medical College of Wisconsin proved that Human Growth Hormone could benefit people who are long past childhood.

The results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, detailed research conducted on individuals in their 70s and 80s who received periodic injections of Human Growth Hormone over a six-month period.

The effects were impressive. The subjects showed an apparent reversal of the aging process in all major categories. Loss of belly fat, improved lean muscle mass, better bone density, and increased energy were some of the measurable conclusions.

The control group studied in this test exhibited no signs of the age reversal properties, indicating that Human Growth Hormone is indeed responsible. Studies conducted since then have produced similar results.

Outstanding Potential with Human Growth Hormone

You can’t rush out and buy HGH over the counter because too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Some of you may remember Andre Roussimoff. He was a professional wrestling star who performed under the ring name of Andre the Giant.

Andre suffered from a condition called Acromegaly (Pituitary Gigantism), caused by excessive production of Human Growth Hormone. By age twelve, Andre stood 6’3” and weighed 240 pounds. At the time of his death at age 46, he was 7’4 and weighed 520 pounds.

Who needs Human Growth Hormone? You can get more information on human growth hormone and How to Live Beyond 100 Years, in my remarkable book. As with many medications and supplements, you should ask yourself why you want it.

Are you a baseball player looking to add another twenty feet to your homeruns? If so, it isn’t the right choice for you.

However, older adults who have consulted their doctor may benefit from the improved strength and flexibility of an HGH supplement.

Consider HGH with Caution

Be advised though, it’s not a permanent solution and you cannot take it forever. Overuse of Human Growth Hormone leads to tumors as well as thickening of the bony plates on the brow, chin, and wrists.

Consult with your doctor. Be open and honest about your current physical condition and what health goals you may have. The thing is: if you don’t take care of yourself and society crumbles, you could face poverty or worse. You need to stay fit and active; healthy, in other words.

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