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Drunk on potato, are you kidding me?

Let me back up a bit. I browse a lot of books in thrift stores (Oxfam shops for you Brits!) I get to find wonderful, old, often out-of-print books that I otherwise wouldn’t hear of. Bonus?

They cost $1 or $2 at most!

I found one only this morning, called “The Dictionary of Misconceptions”. Author Tom Burnam does a good job of dispelling myths and misconceptions.

Like for example, that the deepest canyon in the world is NOT the Grand Canyon. It’s a myth that Americans love to believe. But the Copper Canyon in Mexico, is bigger, deeper and longer! Shhhh!

Anyway, Burnam points out that, even in the USA, Hell’s Canyon on the Snake River between Idaho and Oregon, is half a mile deeper than the Grand Canyon. Another tourist B*S* myth bites the dust!

No, I’m not doing geography today. There is a point….

Which is the Burnam, for all his good work, then messes up badly by stating, categorically: “It is absolutely untrue that different drinks which contain identical amounts of absolute alcohol can have different intoxicating qualities”. 

I don’t know who his source is for THIS misconception, but he’s wrong. He obviously has never read my works!

If he had, he might have heard of a famous experiment I did in the UK in 1986, in which I tested the allergic effects of different alcohol drinks. We did it double blind on a girl with bad allergies.

Quick story: she got sexually aroused on vodka (dangerous for a female), depressed as hell on gin and went silly and happy with whisky. This was all done with double blind injections; taste did not come into it. I told her to drink whisky if she must, but strictly avoid the other two.

It’s still a critical, but not widely known, phenomenon that could save lives; I must be sure to get it in print. The point is, that I found out many decades ago that people react very differently to different foodstuffs in drink.

In the case of alcoholic drinks, you need to understand that all alcohol drinks carry food-reactive ingredients. In fact my great mentor, Theron Randolph, used to say that alcoholic drinks were “jet-propelled food allergy”! This has NOTHING to do with alcohol content.

So, as an example, wine contains (only) grape; whisky contain rye, barley or oats; rum contains cane sugar; vodka was traditionally potato-based but today is a grain drink; and so on. If you are allergic to wheat, you may find yourself unknowingly made very ill by drinking whisky.

In fact I was able to test many alcoholics by giving them food shots and that turned off the drink cravings. So the tippler really was seeking to satisfy a “jet-propelled” food craving. He or she didn’t need the alcohol: that was just a fast vehicle.

It’s even weirder because I had a girl who got drunk as a skunk on potato (she really WOULD have been bad on vodka!) When she ate potato, she slurred her words and staggered like a wino. What was happening was that potato, which was a strong food allergy for her, knocked off her brain inhibition pathways, in exactly the same way that alcohol does.

So even NO alcohol made her drunk! We did 50 minutes of prime time British TV with that story.

Anyway, if you want to know more about this effect, you need to get by book “Diet Wise”.

You can learn about it here: Diet Wise Book

By the way, Burnam points out you can’t say “from whence?” Whence already means from where. So “from whence” would mean from from where?

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