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End Of The Raw Milk Story

Once in a while, one of my pieces creates a storm. I had no idea that so many of my readers still enjoyed fairy stories!

I’m referring to the idea that raw milk is a healthy, natural and safe food. As I said: it is not.

Raw milk kills. I produced a strong scientific study to make a point. People are so wedded to their beliefs, they don’t want mere facts. This study was denounced as a fraud. I was accused of “misinterpreting” it—by a good colleague, incidentally. But my statements are based also on clinical experience, not just science papers. I went through med school in an era when people DIED of raw milk infections or were crippled for life: TB, brucellosis, Campylobacter (can lead to Guillaine-Barre)…

Apparently, now raw milk is on the Internet, TB and brucellosis have vanished into history! It’s all been magicked away! (I don’t think so)

The number of people who wrote to tell me they drink raw milk and they are just fine, is quite funny. It’s like saying I live in a box with hundreds of deadly cobras and I haven’t been bitten… yet!

Another reader quoted the fact that the Maasai Mara tribe in Africa drink raw milk, as if that’s good evidence it’s safe. Are you kidding me!?? The Masai are crawling with syphilis! Their life expectancy is 43 years of age. They are in TERRIBLE health. They drink blood too—but no-one in their right mind would do the same…

These are the FACTS:

Milk is not natural. No other animal in Nature drinks milk after early infancy. That’s not natural.

90% of the human race can’t tolerate milk (no lactase because milk is NOT natural). This milk obsession is basically white-ist propaganda nonsense.

Humans were never meant to drink cow’s milk. How unnatural can you get? Would you drink gorilla or chimpanzee milk? That’s not natural, is it? Well, it’s better for you than cow’s milk, that’s for sure.

Cow’s milk is very bad for human babies. It has way TOO MUCH PROTEIN and no useful omega-3s (10 times too much protein). Cow’s milk curds are HUGE and would choke a baby’s digestion. I think, if you claim to be into Nature, you wouldn’t want to force such crap into human children.

Raw milk is highly infectious. To quote just one figure: Of the 56 [reported] outbreaks involving fluid milk… (82%) involved nonpasteurized milk.

Of course there was the usual rush to criticize the paper I quoted, claim it’s not valid and “flawed”. That’s what orthodox doctors do when they don’t like papers supporting nutrition. I have no patience with that kind of dishonesty. We learn nothing from cherry-picking science that just feeds our prejudices.

Someone sent me the counter-blast by the Weston-Price foundation contained coy little slips like, there were “very few” papers that convincingly showed that raw milk carries significant infection risk.  One good paper is enough to make the point, not “very few”.

It’s like saying there are only “a few” cases of meningitis, we can ignore them.

More to the point, the Weston-Price is dated 2007. It’s far too out of date to be relevant to present discussions.

For the full report and the 2012 facts, including 33 citations, visit this page:

Proponents of raw milk keep trying to distract from the facts about its dangers  by pointing out that many outbreaks of disease come from pasteurized milk. It’s true – but not relevant. I’m not supporting pasteurized milk: it’s bad too.

I’m not teaching anyone that raw milk is bad; you should drink only pasteurized. In the report I cited above, it shows that 40% of outbreaks were from pasteurized milk.

I’m trying to kill off the (dangerous) myth that pasteurized is bad but you will be just fine drinking raw milk. You won’t!

Anyway, I’m leaving the comments open. But please don’t waste time telling us you drink raw milk and you are fine.

I know people who can swallow poisons and they are fine (it’s called Mithridating—but that’s a whole different story).

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