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Exercise – Natural Cancer Prevention You Cannot Ignore!

To BEAT the #2 killer in the world (CANCER) takes focus and dedication.  Every possible weapon (alternative, traditional, and everything in between) must be brought to the fight.  The most important thing is to win the battle!  However, to PREVENT this devastating disease, natural cancer prevention is your best and smartest option.

These are methods of safeguarding your body before you get sick that are scientifically proven to lower your overall risk of serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, dementia, and all the other horrific conditions that plague mankind.

Over the years, I’ve talked about many effective natural cancer prevention techniques

  • A proper and nutritious diet is one of the biggest ways to keep your body safe (any doctor who tells you otherwise is either lying or incompetent).
  • Getting enough quality sleep every night is also critical to prevent all kinds of diseases because that’s when your body repairs itself and recovers from whatever you’ve exposed it to during the day.
  • Learning how to limit and control stress (physical, mental, and emotional) is one of the best ways to keep certain inflammatory hormones from getting out of hand that leave your body vulnerable to illness.
  • Making a commitment to stop dangerous lifestyle habits like smoking, substance abuse, or excessive alcohol consumption is common sense. These types of habits are painfully inflammatory to your entire system and start damaging tissue right away.

There are others, of course.  Ways to keep yourself strong and healthy are usually simple and easy to overlook.  Which brings me to the importance of movement.

You Need to Move It!

Humans are intended to move.  Our bodies are designed to be active, mobile creatures.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, most of the population exists far outside this way of life.  We live almost entirely sedentary lives and burn too few calories.

There are exceptions (there always are) to this statement found in men, women, and children who are physically active and always on the go.

They are not the norm.  No matter how many exercise gurus you see on social media and talk shows, fit people are outnumbered by people who are not fit.

Otherwise, our rate of disease would be lower.  I’m not saying there would be no disease if we were all fit and physically active – but it is a guarantee that there would be far less of it.

Particularly obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

That’s a scientifically proven fact.  It’s why “lack of exercise” or “following a sedentary lifestyle” are always listed in the top five risk factors for every single major disease.

To BEAT the #2 killer in the world (CANCER) takes focus and dedication. However, to PREVENT this devastating disease, natural cancer prevention is your best and smartest option. Click here to learn about effective ways to prevent cancer starting today...

Not getting any exercise at all is dangerous and it will eventually cause your body to break down and malfunction.  We are undermining the health and vitality of our metabolism and tissues.

These days you read a lot about antioxidants in food such as resveratrol, protective cancer-fighting flavonoids, and so on.  All very well!

These foods are a valuable form of natural cancer prevention.  The problem is that the amounts we get in our daily diet simply aren’t enough to protect us.  We’d need to eat nearly twice what we do to gain many of the wonderful health benefits of fresh food you keep reading about.

That said, if you change your diet and eat heavily towards antioxidant and nutrient-rich fresh food, it certainly will help.  There’s another side to the equation, which nobody seems to be talking about: you must exercise to be truly healthy.  This is what makes it possible to eat well, in the quantities your body needs, and still control your body weight.

The Exercise of the Victorian Era

I wrote a paper for my subscribers about the Victorian diet.  Everyone thinks Victorians ate terribly and were sick and malnourished.

That was true part of the time but it was really only bad toward the end of the 19th century with the introduction of manufactured food (like tin cans), adulteration foods with white lead (bread), and red mercury (curry powder).  As you know, food manufacturing practices have gotten far worse in the last 100 years.

There was a time when mid-Victorians, around 1850, were healthier than us, and lived just as long once they made it past childhood.  Cancer was almost unknown.  Specialist doctors of the day described the disease as “rare” among their patients.  Moreover, those who got cancer far outlived today’s victims and suffered less.

What’s was the difference between the people of that time and those of us today?

The Victorians walked 10-20 miles a day on average (there was little public transport in 1850) and ate over 4,000 daily calories.  Because of their eating habits, they took in huge amounts of calories that consisted of antioxidants and other nutrients but were not obese.  Even poor people, who ate a little meat only once a week, ate far better than today’s typical Americans!

No Matter What Else You Do…You Still Need Exercise!

Eating better, sleeping enough, and controlling stress are all necessary but if you don’t exercise, your body will remain at risk for disease.

Exercise is one of the best methods of natural cancer prevention.  No matter how much you hate it, your body is designed to receive it and when it doesn’t, certain systems go sideways.

I would love to see people return to walking 10 miles each day but the reality of modern life (and present habits that derail the masses) makes that wholly unrealistic.

So!  Figure out what you can do to get a bit of exercise each and every day.  Even low-impact exercise is helpful (as long as you are consistent).  Walking, cycling, swimming, and yoga are excellent ways to get your body bending and stretching.

A side note to that is workouts in the gym and lengthy vigorous running are not as beneficial because of the outrageous number of free radicals that are released into the body.

Exercise and Immunity

One of the best “side effects” of exercise (that really ramps up its ability as a natural cancer prevention technique) is that it releases a shower of white blood cells.

White cell activity means a busy immune system!  If your immunes system is powerful, that’s bad news for cancer cells.  Getting more of these white cells active through your bloodstream is one of the most effective methods of keeping yourself free of disease.

Experts around the world agree that about half of all cancers are preventable with diet and lifestyle changes.  Think about how many lives cancer alone claims every year around the world (more than 17 million according to the World Health Organization) and then ask yourself if half those people (8.5 million) could be saved simply by making a few changes to their daily life.

Wouldn’t that be worth the effort?  Worth going for a walk or fighting to quit smoking or adding some nutrient-rich ingredients to your cooking?

Natural cancer prevention is literally available to you right now, where you’re sitting!  It’s time to start working toward taking better care of yourself today and making your body an unhappy place for disease to live.

It’s never too late (or too early) to get on the right track.

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