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Fake Science, Corruption, Microwaves and Deadly Danger

A few days ago I went to San Francisco to attend an important symposium on the health effects of EMF fields. It was organized by my friend Camilla Rees. She’s one of the key US activists in this area and a very nice lady too.

We attended at the Commonwealth Club,  a name that intrigued me, as a Brit; we started the Commonwealth – two of them in fact: the original one under Oliver Cromwell (it ran from 1649- 1660) and the present affiliation of former UK colonies round the world, presides over (not ruled over) by HRH Queen Elizabeth.

It’s just a name that means the common good, or common weal… (Old English wele, related to the word well, and well-being)

Camilla assembled some really interesting experts. Each spoke in bites of only 15 minutes, which was very novel and satisfying. Scheduling was very tight and we got through a deal of valuable material, without the usual interminable waffle that drives ADDs like me crazy.

It was a delight to meet Olle Johanson from the famous Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Long-time readers will know I accept this Institute as the virtual benchmark of credible science and integrity.  Olle speaks with a powerful and moving voice, something I like in public orators. Come to think of it Lloyd Morgan, author of “Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons For Concern” was pretty entertaining too.

Olle introduced me to the term “seriously dependent scientists” (blackmailed or bribed crooks) and also the real definition of “radiation protection”, which he cynically pointed out means protection of radiation (the industry), not protection of humans!

But all speakers were first class and there was not a boring moment.

Possibly the most worrying contribution was from Martin Blank PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Colombia University. Dr Blank discussed heat shock proteins. Simply speaking these are markers of biological stress.

They show up at all levels of EMF exposure. The can be NO argument that EMFs are biological stressors.

Especially for me there was another great “I Told ‘Em!”* In my book Virtual Medicine I had pointed out the transmitter antenna properties of our DNA. The coiled helical strands are perfect for broadcasting and receiving. I learned at this symposium about “fractal antennas”. These are a new concept, following the discovery of fractal math and chaos science.

Basically a fractal antenna is a multi-repeated pattern that effectively increases the length or surface area of a transmitter, greatly enhancing its collecting or broadcasting power. Well, DNA fits this model perfectly, with a double-helix of endlessly repeating patterns.

What this means is that DNA is exceptionally susceptible to being hit by the power of microwaves such as the phone companies use. Broken DNA (hence aging and cancer) are the almost INEVITABLE consequence of EMF fields around our DNA. And the evidence is all in: broken DNA abounds when cells are exposed to microwave fields and other EMFs.

But the dismal picture that emerged for the day was one of lying and deception by the phone industry, aided and abetted by corrupt and bribed politicians. The 2000 study by the German company T-Mobile is a case in point: they knew, without a shadow of doubt about the health dangers: it’s all in their own report. But they suppressed it deliberately.

And still there industry officials go on mouthing the lie that they know of no evidence to show microwaves are harmful. Or the other great dodge: the evidence is “unclear”.

Trust me, it’s very clear. Brain tumors UP, parotid tumors (salivary glands in the cheek) are UP, acoustic neuroma (nerves in the ear) are UP. And this is just the start of the curve. It will take 30 years to see the true scale of this appalling human tragedy.

You know what maddens me the MOST? I’ll tell you: it’s that we are all exposed to this electro-pollution ALL THE TIME, yet 98% of all cell phone conversations are stupid, mindless prattle between dimwits, who seem to think they have no life, other than their empty talk (usually while driving and putting lives at risk).

Meanwhile, Camilla’s website is: She will be sharing the videos of the whole proceedings. As soon as they are up, I will notify you and ask you to get this data out to your community.

For the sake of the common weal…

* For new subscribers, an “I Told ‘Em” is an example where I put this idea to the world (published in writing, not just claiming I did, like  Bruce Lipton) 10, 30, even 30 or more years before the rest of the scientific world caught on. Let me boast and say there have been dozens of these. I have them all documented and share them with readers from time to time, as the oldsters well know!

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