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Farrah the inside scoop on why she died


A wasted life. Nobody should die of this disease. It’s a catalogue of medical blundering.

I know the inside scoop on this. Farrah didn’t believe in conventional cancer therapy here in the US (that should have saved her life in fact). So she went to Germany. Germans have some of the best cancer treatments around.

But unfortunately, she fell in with a dodo bunch who tried stem cell therapy. Sounds glamorous but in fact killed her. Stem cell is NOT a successful therapy for cancer. In fact it’s dangerous and sold only by crooks, dressed as doctors.

The REAL treatment for cancer is clean up your diet, clean up your emotions and clean up your lifestyle. MILLIONS have recovered using these simple steps.

My eReport “Cancer Confidential” is the definitive guide to alternative cancer treatments (including German clinics) and what she should have done. She’d not just be alive but fit and well again – better than she’s been in over 40 years in fact.

Cancer is not a death knell- but it is a wake up call. It’s telling you your health is in ruins and you must change something. Change a lot. But don’t just rely on chemo, radiotherapy or even stem cells!

Read more about cancer confidential here:

Cancer Confidential report

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