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Flat Earthers And Puritans Try To Take Over Medicine!

“Coconut oil is pure poison. It is one of the worst foods you can eat.”

That’s the message of a lecture from Dr. Karin Michels of Harvard School of Public Health, which is currently making the rounds on YouTube. Of course the Pharma-friendly media are fanning the flames too.

The American Heart Association also advizes against coconut oil, claiming that all saturated fats — regardless of the source — are damaging to heart health.

First off: There is no evidence of any kind that saturated fats cause any metabolic harm (they ignore, of course, the mountain of scientific data that shows saturated fats are actually HELPFUL to heart and general metabolic health).

All they have got is the totally fake science we were saddled with forty years ago by Ancel Keys, engineered by the sugar industry and peddled relentlessly by the giant food corporations (Kellog’s, Mars, General Mills, Nestle, etc.), that want to sell us cheap, addictive fluff in the form of carbohydrates and dirty, unhealthy oils, such as ‘polyunsaturates”, which were discredited decades ago.

Saturated fats do not harm, eaten as part of a well-balanced diet (diet without junk, carbs, dairy, colorants, sugar, etc.)

You’re just a dinosaur Dr. Michels, speaking from the Dark Ages. A flat earther who insists, “We were right all along, the earth is definitely flat!” Worse, you are an opinionated dinosaur, who doesn’t want to admit you got it horribly wrong and have killed hundreds of millions of people with the dangerous saturated fats story.

Let me tell you a simple demographic (I’m pretending to talk to her but these idiots never listen to facts): heart disease was completely unknown until the early 20th century, when unsaturated fats (margarine) were introduced. People drank lashings of cream, ate fatty meat, cheese and fried their food in lard! No myocardial infarctions, no blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks were so VERY rare, they were virtually unknown!

Living on a diet in which 30 – 40% of calories come from saturated fats PROTECTS against heart disease.

Moreover, our brains are over 50% fat. If you push people to avoid fats you are likely to create a vast increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s… whoops! Sorry, you already did cause that… by ignorant railing against fats over the decades.

Of course these flat earthers will carefully side-step the fact that, according to a very sound Japanese scientific study, individuals with HIGHER cholesterol actually live longer. Another study showed that higher levels of “dangerous” LDL cholesterol was associated with better survival in individuals over 60 years of age. That’s another “inconvenient fact”, so it’s ignored.

Coconut oil proponents point to studies of indigenous populations in parts of India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Polynesia, whose diets include copious amounts of coconut. But their traditional diets also include more fish, fruits, and vegetables than typical American diets, so this comparison isn’t valid, says Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Bruce Bistrian, who is chief of clinical nutrition at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Exactly my point. You are trying to compare apples with oranges and then stating, “It’s the apple pips that did it.”

Unsaturated Fats and The Deadly Government Food Pyramid

Opponents of nature (orthodox nutritionists and doctors) point to data showing that diets rich in unsaturated fat, especially olive oil, may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. They quote evidence, such as a landmark clinical trial from Spain, which found that people who ate a Mediterranean-style diet enhanced with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts had a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, and death from heart disease than people who followed a low-fat diet. [This article was later retracted. I wonder why? Follow the money]

Where is the data supporting the evidence that it’s ONLY the fat in the Mediterranean diet that does the good? There isn’t any! It’s all a scientific spoof. They measure a few things and publish it, so suddenly there are expert and knowledgeable enough to make pronouncements on any related topic: “It was the apple pips.”

In truth, it could be alcohol (see below), it could be fish oils, it could be that all the food is fresh and healthy, unlike the junk sold in supermarkets in the USA. There are a hundred possible reasons but you say it’s the olive oil… Why? Because you are peddling your warped theory and will discard anything to the contrary.

What this under-educated professor doesn’t seem to realize is that eating more saturated fats (up to 70% on so-called ketogenic diets) actually eliminates obesity, cardiovascular damage and diabetes. It’s the best method we have for reversing diabesity and getting individuals to lose weight, drop their diabetes and stop insulin and related medications.

Bring on the butter and lard! Enough of the deadly government food pyramid.

ZERO Alcohol Vs. Moderate Drinking

Nobody could say that Americans are not deep-down puritans. It runs through the Church, the schooling system, politics, movies, television and popular literature. If it tastes good, spit it out! is the motto hereabouts.

For years, public health officials have said that moderate drinking (defined as up to a drink per day for women and up to two per day for men) probably won’t hurt anyone who already imbibes, and may even confer some benefits. But some people are not happy with that and keep trying to “prove” that any alcohol is evil and bad for us.

So while the rest of the world is very satisfied with science showing that moderate alcohol can have certain health benefits, repeated attempts to prove that alcohol is horribly dangerous to Humankind keeps kindling publication after publication. So for days last week everyone was bombarded with the story published in the Lancet (a British journal) but which was actually from Washington University, purportedly showing ZERO alcohol was safe.

Here’s How They Do It

It’s called a “meta-analysis”, in which you don’t do ANY new research, you just pull out old papers that say more or less what you want to say, scramble all the figures together, come up with a “new” position and you have “proved” your point.

That’s how they discredited homeopathy a few years ago. They ignored ALL the papers that showed incontrovertible evidence of efficacy, scrambled together (sorry, re-analyzed) all the crappy papers they could find and said, “See, it doesn’t work!”

On the evidence they looked at, I would even agree. But they (deliberately) missed out all the real science! They were trying to overwrite the existing history that they didn’t like. And that’s happening more and more these days. It’s cheaper and easier than real research, of course. But it also means you get to find anything you want to find!

Add to that the fact that Bill Gates recently bought their way into the Cochrane Database, where research papers come from typically used in re-analyzing data, and you start to get a picture. What would a super-rich failed human being want with a science database? To jack up his own scam, of course. I’m talking about vaccination.

As one online correspondent said, “With a $1.15 million “donation” – chicken feed for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – they have purchased the Cochrane seal of “science-based reviews”. The medical literature has been corrupted at its core.

“Medicine is and has been for a long time, the domain of Big Pharma, and Big Government with the acquiescence of the medical academic institutions.”

Medical journals, as the editor-in-chief of The Lancet, Dr. Richard Horton acknowledged, “devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry.” Indeed, the BMJ (British Medical Journal) entered into undisclosed partnership agreements with both major vaccine manufacturers. Additionally, vaccine stakeholders control the vast channels of propaganda – including Google, which has formed a partnership with GlaxoSmithKline.

In the Lancet article, Emmanuela Gakidou, a professor of global health and health metrics sciences at the University of Washington, claimed that their re-hashed data indicates there is NO safe level of drinking.

This opinion was based on a meta-analysis of nearly 700 existing studies on global drinking prevalence and nearly 600 studies on alcohol and health, and claimed to find that alcohol was the seventh leading risk factor for premature death in 2016, contributing to 2.8 million deaths worldwide.

600 studies on alcohol and health sounds impressive… Until you remember that the researchers get to cherry pick the ones they want. And there was no attempt to correct for other factors. They were going after alcohol and didn’t want to distract by other more important issues they didn’t even look at (maybe people drink more because they are under more stress? In which case that’s not an alcohol-related death. That’s death due to stress!!)

We call that last effect correlation, not causation.

Walter Willett, also a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, weighed in for those who love a glass of “bottled sunshine” (Italian for wine) and questioned the conclusion that the cons of drinking always outweigh the pros. While there’s “no question” that heavy drinking is harmful, he says that plenty of data supports links between moderate drinking and lower total mortality and a decreased risk of heart disease — which, he says, are far more relevant concerns for most Americans than something like tuberculosis, which the Lancet paper identifies as a leading alcohol-related disease worldwide. Tuberculosis is very rare in the U.S.

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