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forget swine flu worry about resistant bacteria

Forget swine flu. It’s trivial at the side of resistant bacteria deaths. As of Nov 6th the total still hasn’t reached 1,000 in the US, despite the continuing media hysteria [].

Deaths from resistant bacteria run in the 10,000s. MRSA alone killed 19,000 in 2005, the latest year for which I can find official US figures (it is now much higher, of course).

Now Clostridium difficile has joined the fray. It’s name says it all. It’s difficult to control and it’s antibiotic-resistant form is now killing 5,000 people a year in the USA alone.

According to a report (November 1st 2009) one strain of MRSA is five times more lethal than what has gone before. The mortality is 50%, compared to 11% for the “normal” MRSA. Why aren’t the newspapers and TV programs screaming about this?

This is NOW! 50/50 is horrendous odds. Like Russian roulette with 3 bullets in the gun.

revolver with 3 bullets
revolver with 3 bullets

MRSA is treated with vancomycin, as a last ditch stand. Still half of patients die. But we also have vancomycin resistant enterococcus. The septicemia version is 100% fatal. 40% of hospital admissions in the US for pneumonia are a penicillin resistant strain of Strep. It’s getting more and more dangerous by the week.

You need to know these things and you need to know that antibiotics are at an end. It’s finished. Over.

Learn your alternatives. If you haven’t done so yet, get yourself a copy of my comprehensive report on safe and effective antibiotic alternatives: “How To Survive In A World, Without Antibiotics“. There are hundreds of possibilities that work and work well!

Some natural anti-bacterials outperform antibiotics! White tea extract, for example, beats tetracycline and vancomyin, according to a study sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture. From such an impeccable source, with no alternative medicine leanings, this is a finding that cannot be ignored.

I did all this research for you and put it all in the eBook (downloadable PDF) at:

How To Survive In A World, Without Antibiotics

Go watch the video and act; don’t wait till somebody gets sick it will too late!

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