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Gonorrhea back on the rampage

Those of us who are older are less likely than the kids to screw around today, let’s face it. Constancy has several rewards but health safety is not the least of them. You can DIE from casual sex encounters!

Trouble is, many STDs are getting antibiotic resistant. There’s a strain of deadly, untreatable syphilis out there. That’s bad news. Now gonorrhea. True, gonorrhea isn’t likely to kill you—but it does make a mess of the plumbing and tackle “down there”.

The CDC is warning that gonorrhea is growing resistant to all known antibiotic. The same is true in the rest of the developed world. We could be back in the dark ages soon, as far as STDs are concerned.

Challenges of Gonorrhea Treatment

Since sulfonamides became the first successful gonorrhea treatment in the 1940s, emerging antibiotic resistance has been a frequent challenge. First we lost our ability to use sulfa drugs to treat gonorrhea and then we lost penicillin. And in just the last decade, growing resistance to ciprofloxacin and other drugs in the class of antibiotics known as fluroquinolones led the CDC to recommend against their use for the treatment of gonorrhea.

For both drug classes, the first reports of treatment failures came from Asia. The first evidence of declines in drug susceptibility in the U.S. have occurred on the West Coast.

Untreated or inadequately treated gonorrhea can lead to infertility in women and is, coincidentally, associated with an increased risk for acquiring HIV in both sexes. Unfortunately, drug companies have shown little interest in developing new drugs for gonorrhea, since there is no profit in it for them..

It’s all part of a dramatic and fast-moving trend which threatens YOU and everyone else. Antibiotics are over, they are done. The “golden age” when you could defeat almost any infectious disease with an antimicrobial has gone. The days when any of it will work are fast disappearing.

If you don’t already understand and have comprehensive knowledge of alternatives to antibiotics under your belt, you are at risk.

As I keep saying, it’s no good going out and Googling for data, once somebody has contacted an infection. Bacteria move very fast and most can kill in a day, if not hours.

You need to get ready ahead of time by reading my book “How To Survive In A World Without Antibiotics”. It’s still on sale at a good price. Just click this image or the link below it to learn more before you purchase…

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[SOURCES: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, July 8, 2011; vol 60: pp 873-877. CDC Fact Sheet: “Antibiotic Treatment of Gonorrhea.”]

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