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Got Cancer? See Your Travel Agent!

Cancer Tourism

This is a joke from one of my correspondents, Carmi Hazen (aka. Mike). It applies more to US citizens, who have little chance of a cure or therapy here, due to restrictive practises. They are driven to go overseas.

But Mike also sent me a video he supposed I would like. Actually, I didn’t. It was one of those phoney con-job videos, claiming that Gerson therapy was THE cure for cancer. There was mushy background music, supposed to transport you to paradise, while they pumped you full of propaganda, which you then accepted without question.

What followed was a slightly unseemly correspondence. Mike thought I was just ignorant and lacking medical insight. I thought he was gullible and lacked any kind of scientific objectivity. What annoys me is that the failures of a method are never mentioned in these propaganda type movies.

It’s the same with the Hulda Clark cult: you’d think she helped everyone who ever went to her clinic! No mention of the deaths and failures, or the people who walked out, due to disgusting unsanitary conditions. I can state categorically she has harmed more than helped, just by virtue of the stupid false science she promoted (cancer is not caused by just one chemical nor a parasite that isn’t even found in the Western world — except by her, of course, she finds it on everyone!)

Yet all you ever hear about are her successes, “proving” she was right.

Do NOT write and tell me that it worked for you. I’m glad. But that’s not science. Remember I told you in my writings before: if you just do NOTHING, some people will get rid of their cancer. You have to do better than average, placebo or just natural recovery. Dozens, hundreds or even thousands of recoveries do not prove you have any degree of success, if you don’t break through the average figures].

Anyway, back to Mike. I know plenty of people helped by the Gerson method, of course. But I also know people who have DIED of cancer while on the Gerson program (and, yes, following every step to the letter).

Look, if your cancer is caused by stress and emotional blockages (most are) you are never going to beat it without addressing those issues. I know Charlotte Gerson defends her income pile by denying that emotion has any part to play in the causation or cure of cancer. Well, she’s wrong! Good nutrition can only undo bad nutrition; it can’t undo abuse or bereavement.

Anyway, here’s my last email to Mike (he’s a hardy soul and isn’t going to get too upset):

Dear Mike,
Mushy music is NOT science. Gerson got some answers. Not many. I’ve seen people die on the Gerson therapy. People die on ALL therapies. NOBODY has the answer and inflammatory stupid language like “the cure” is deceiving and hurtful to many on their search. We are still relatively in ignorance of this disease, though we do understand causes much better.
I’ve assembled all the cures I can think of in Cancer Confidential but none of them, not one, works on everybody.
Don’t be so naive. We have decades to go yet.Keith

I could have added the big question: why does nobody talk about the FAILURES of their therapy? All good science is predicated on failures!

When you have a theory that seems good but then it doesn’t work (a failure), that’s where all your best breakthroughs come. You have to figure out what’s wrong with what you are doing and then get something better.

So when gravity “failed” we got relativity; when heat mechanics “failed” we got quantum mechanics; when indivisibility of the atom “failed” we got atomic energy and weapons.

Let’s embrace failure. It’s a GREAT starting point for success.

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