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Got Cancer? Take An Aspirin You’ll Feel Better!

Remarkable as it may seem, humble aspirin has a strong effect against cancer cells. This is in part due to the fact that cancer is part of the picture caused by our “inflammatory fire”; partly because it has a specific cytotoxic effect—see below.

A study just last year (2011) showed taking aspirin (salicylic acid) significantly reduced the risk of colorectal cancer. 434 subjects taking just a placebo had an incidence of 30 cancers; 427 subjects taking aspirin daily for at least 2 years had an incidence of only 18 cancers.

That’s a remarkable 40% reduction. No fancy expensive drugs can do that, or even come close!

The trouble is, as you know, that aspirin has its problems: it causes intestinal bleeding and ulceration.

But now a “new aspirin” gets round that problem.

Here goes the science: the gut lining protects itself from damage (“Fire in the Belly”) by secreting nitric oxide (NO) and hydrogen sulfide (HS, stinking rotten eggs gas!). So now Khosrow Kashfi and his team at The City College of New York has developed “NOSH aspirin”, a variant that releases its own NO and SH, so protecting the gut to some degree from the ravages of aspirin.

Great—but does it still knock out cancer? Yup!

Kashfi’s team tested their NOSH aspirin against 11 human cell lines, including colon, breast, lung, prostate and the deadly pancreas cancer.

It was not as good as aspirin alone: it was 100,000 more potent! With colon cancer, for example, it caused cancer cells to stop dividing, to wither and die.

Nobody knows yet why NOSH aspirin should have such potent anti-cancer properties. But the good news is that it suggests a far lower—and therefore non-toxic dose of aspirin—would suffice, thus preserving the gut living.

It’s very non-toxic in any case. In mice transplanted with human colon cancer, they were fed daily doses sufficient to reduce the tumor size by 85%, yet there was no sign of gut damage.

We could be looking at a human trial within 2 years. This is exciting. Who would have thought it; humble aspirin?


If you enjoyed this piece you will want to read my new book: Fire In The Belly, it’s about gut inflammation and includes the origins of cancer.

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