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Great Social Psychology Experiment Starts Right Here Right Now

Call me a loony, call me outrageous. But I continue to work on research materials that can change Humankind. My Supernoetics® (mind and spirit) writings are advancing rapidly. Allow me to tell you about my newest social psychology experiment…

I believe I can teach large numbers of people, online, to work on each other’s issues and “clean up the case”, so to speak. I’m willing to do this is a public service. I just need to connect with the curious, caring and courageous people who will give this a shot with me!

I have evolved a basic and simple system which almost anyone can learn in a matter of a few training sessions.

If you want to know how to help yourself, help others around you, even help the world at large, sign up for this special webinar series and let’s get to work.

Recent political changes around the world have convinced me that we don’t have long to evolve better behaviors. The world is going to Hell in a hand basket. Democracy has just collapsed in the USA. I don’t think it will last much longer in Europe either.

People don’t seem to care any more what society wants or needs. It’s all ME, ME, ME! “I didn’t vote for Trump so they should shoot him and give me what I want,” seems to be a common mentality today.

There is a crazy military element that wants war between Russia and the USA and is actively trying to scare up such a war. News anchors are adding to the anxiety and bafflement with ridiculous fake news stories that are entirely manufactured on instructions from the hidden powers that are trying to bring in the New World Order.

Unless people calm down, there will be blood on the streets. These are tense times.

Well, there are answers. They are NOT political answers. They are not religious answers. Doping the population with legalized “medical” marijuana and/or Big Pharma psychological control pills is not the answer. Bigger, better, faster and smarter phones and gadgets is not the answer.

None of these things are working. We need something new…

Welcome to my Punk Psychology® Project!

No, I haven’t gone retro-rock.

Punk. definition: a style or movement characterized by the adoption of outrageously unconventional and often bizarre or shocking clothing, hairstyles, makeup, etc., and the defiance of social norms of behavior, usually associated with punk rock music. (after

Hence: far from the midline or accepted norms. Radical. Assertive. Original. Counter-culture.

My new beginners psychology system (actually called Hypnoetics™) is fun punk, far from the midline or the accepted way of doing things. It is radical, assertive and original: in other words, counter-culture.

There is one BIG thing going for it: it works effectively. I’ve tested it over and over in the last 2 decades. It’s ready to rock and roll! (sorry, got metaphors tumbling over themselves in the excitement).

You can do this! You can help evolve… yes, evolve is the right word… better behaviors and more fulfilling emotions, smarter thinking and meaningful new ways of Being.

Can you imagine the effect on our world if people just STOPPED being crazy, destructive, vicious, and hysterical? It would be like a dream… no more wars, no more murders, in fact no crime at all! That would mean no more armed police and no more armies needed to fight and kill supposed enemies!

Politicians would become sane and honest; they would govern for the people, not their own gain; government would eventually become what it is supposed to be: a system of effective management that is there to serve the individuals in society and allow them to lead the kind of life they choose! As a result of that, taxes would be something we were all more willing to pay over, since we could see the money being used how we wanted!

Divorce rates would plummet; delinquency would become a thing of the past; popular music could celebrate all the good things in life, instead of whining and moaning about loss and betrayal; mental hospitals would empty out (and a good lot of patients in regular hospitals could go home too, because stress is behind most sickness); animal welfare wouldn’t be needed; drugs such as antidepressants and tranquillizers could be consigned to the history books; poverty and misery would fade from the world, as people woke up to the fact that we are all here on the same terms and just grabbing what we want, at the expense of others, would eventually bring the whole world grinding to a halt.

It all starts with the human mind. So the solutions must also start with the human mind. Can we understand ourselves fully and correct what’s not working properly? I passionately believe so and have plenty of cases and experience to back up what I say.

There are answers. Real answers. Punk Psychology® (PP) can do this!

Punk Psychology® is the best there is for retro-engineering our stressful past and bringing it into harmony. We don’t do that by wishful thinking or affirmations or denial or tapping. We do it by draining off the stressful emotional charge.

And I’m proud to announce you can find out how to do exactly that by clicking here.


Please join me, to help make this massive social psychology experiment a success. Pass the word on to your friends and relations. The more the better.

In the meantime, PLEASE like my Facebook Punk Psychology® page:

(click the link and then hit the “LIKE” button)

There is also a Punk Psychology® Group now on Facebook. Please join us, if you know what to do (if not, reply to this email and ask!)


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